Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birdhouse Site Options

Jordie was contemplating. He was in deep thought. ‘Should there be some typical or special sites?’ he bemused.

Jordie was debating in his mind where typically a birdhouse should be sited. Be it by the sea as perceived by some or near to some caves or in a rural environment or just in a converted shophouse in town. Which is it?

As it is now, this is not of contention insofar as production is concerned. Of the many birdhouses sited in shophouses production is encouraging. It is more of a noise pollution problem, ie complaints from neighbours, health concerns and enforcement actions (or lack of it) from local authorities. It never is an income or production issue. An owner of just two birdhouses can count on being called a millionaire in time (so it seemed)

So why should there be any bother where a birdhouse is sited. Is it necessary to think about it at all, in the first place. Should it be good to have a mix of birdhouse types?

The idea is actually to know what we get from the various mix of types. It is not to know what is best and what is not. We’ll just have to do it on a trial and error basis with the fervent hope that we can discover something typical.

Jordie is gathering as much information as necessary. It is a long and hectic learning curve. Empirical evidence is most ideal considering it being a long term project. In most joint venture agreements, it goes 30 years for the initial period and with further extensions after that. It may well involve the second generation in the family. It is worthwhile therefore to learn as much before one goes head-long into it. Bloggers currently contributing their findings and experiences in their blogs are added inspirations. It is a matter of surfing the internet.These are ‘discoveries’ that are useful to the ‘newbies’.

A birdhouse by the caves is one option. Bahar, a friend had suggested that we take a look at his two plots of land in Kuala Lipis which are near to caves. Our first attempt sometime in early July was aborted. We hope to go sometime later.

Jordie had already fixed the dates for the next two options in the meantime. One, is an abandoned shophouse which will be a converted birdhouse in a shophouse in no time. It will be on Aug 19th for a ‘birdhouse in a shophouse option’ A potential site has been identified in Rawang.

On Aug 21st we hope to go to Sungai Baru in Malacca, to check out a site by the sea, the next option. The land belongs to Min, an old friend of mine. Min had voiced an interest after hearing of the business picking up in the south.

A duress test will be done at the designated sites. It is not a conclusion we are hoping for but rather what information we can get. Jordie once remarked that a duress test he did in Sabak Bernam (somewhere by the sea) was the most unforgettable. Within seconds the air was teeming with the birds. “ I saw the most birds in that test compared to the others done before” he declared.


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Hank,
When can we meet over 'roti canai or nasi lemak' at our normal meeting place?
Or do we go to a more sanguine and less noisy eatery such as McDonald's near Kelana Jaya?

abdulhalimshah said...

My dear good friend, fish posted his comment in my blog about the question of siting the birdhouse.
It happened to his brother in Bentong and much to his consternation, the siting should be carefully thought of, and consideration should be given to the neighbours plight.
Over to you Jordie, please give it a thought.