Monday, December 28, 2009

Déjà vu – Idol Outcome in Malam Sehati Berdansa

It just did not seem right, it’s just not fair. The favourite just missed out in not being crowned the winner. Yes, many were of the opinion the outcome did not reflect the real consensus. Even the reviews by the many journos before the final had analysed and expected a different outcome.

Yes, I’m talking of Adam Lambert or Adam Lembut, destined for fame as the American Idol winner last season 8, but not quite.It was déjà vu last Saturday night Dec 26,2009, reminiscent of the Idol final night.

Kris Allen, the underdog, the American Idol of season 8, was surprised, much to being embarrassed. When the results were announced, he had to pull Adam nearer to his side as though wanting to share the limelight which he subconsciously thought was undeserving to accept.

Last Saturday night OP Nazril and Sazzy relived the episode of the Idol final night. Being favourites it was difficult for the live audience to comprehend. They were rooting for their favourite pair. The shouts were loudest for them. However, OP Nazril and Sazzy lost out to the eventual winner, Sein and Nana.

While not wanting to take the credit off from the commendable efforts of Sein and Nana, it was not their fault in any case, they came, they performed and they won.
However the trend was very apparent even before that. Sein and Nana received very high SMS counts in weeks leading to the final.

While OP Nazril and Sazzy were tops on the dance floor ( the jury gave them a 100 perfect score on 3 occasions, remember?) they were trailing on the SMS count. So since the final night was based entirely on a 100% SMS count, they were done for.
There was no way they could have won. There seemed to be ‘unseen hands’ pushing for higher SMS counts against them. The less said the better.

If all others remain equal, cēterīs paribus, OP Nazril and Sazzy to me and to many others were the winners hands down.

Adam Lambert now dubbed Adam ‘Glambert‘ being the glamour guy that he is, even though runner-up, is seen, heard and had chalked up better success than the American Idol winner in their post-final days.

OP Nazril and Sazzy, if you are good, you are good, never mind what the SMS had determined. Enjoy your second honeymoon in Australia! That being part of the prizes that you had richly deserved.


abdulhalimshah said...

Though I have not been following the reality show, well I agree with what you have written.
There have been many instances of how the SMS votes been upsetting a lot of desrving people.

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
Am disappointed also myself.

Nasstacia said...

Thank you for such a beautiful write-up!!! Yes, we all hoped Sazzy & Nazril would be the champions but we all knew who were the best dancers that night :)

kaykuala said...

Dear Nasstacia,
Thanks. Yes, we all knew N & S were the best that night, in fact most nights. It was 4 the whole world 2 see.