Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love is Blind, How True It Is!

She, waits forlornly.....

He, walks out to go home eagerly....

They, in each other's arms longingly.....

There she is, sitting forlornly waiting for her beau. All of her 108-year old thin frame patiently . It had been many months, 12 months and 8 days to be exact. She certainly missed his loving arms to cuddle in. She is an epitome of love and honour rarely seen. Frail in stature but true to her beloved.

There he is walking out from the drug Rehabilitation Centre, Besut a few days ago. He had been in for 12 months and 8 days to be exact. All of his 38-year old self , ever so strong and steady, eagerly in anticipation of his sweetheart.

Love is blind, so it has been said. How true it is!

This couple was featured once before when they got married more than 5 years ago. Their love had to take a backseat for a while when he was sent in. When it happened she had vowed to wait for him.

Now is the moment she waited for!

She is not everything that Paris Hilton is - young, pretty, a socialite and a heiress. May be she has money but not as much as Paris Hilton has, certainly. This was indicated in her appeal that her love be given a job (now that he is out) so that they can set out to plan for the future.

Love is blind, it certainly is. This may be an extreme case but certainly it has lots of love elements than that of wealth elements to set things going.

What we are used to seeing is the other way around. He, a dashing, good looking, monied businessman ( complete with a nicely trimmed moustache may be) middle aged, a Datuk or an MP leading a pretty sweet young thing ( syt ) in tow, a singer or an actress both beaming for the whole world to see in awe and admiration.

Yes, love is blind. In the case of Mohd Noor Che Musa it truly is. We sincerely hope he gets a job soon to live happily ever after with his dear darling, affectionately and fondly known as Wook Kundor! We wish them well, and may ALLAH the Almighty bestow HIS blessings and good health for a blissful marriage and a wonderful future!


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Hank,
There is no love greater than the love for ALLAH S.W.T. and definitely it is not blind. To know yourself is to know ALLAH and I suppose the duo know about what is their purpose of being created into this world. If you live by the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), one of the purpose of marriage is procreation so that the number of his Ummah will be increased. And definitely Wok Kundur is unable to bear a child even though she yearned for one. In the Surah Al-Anbia, there is a verse which stated a story of Prophet Zakaria whose age was 100 years old and his wife at about the same, able to give birth to Prophet Yahya and this was possible because ALLAH willed it, in answer to Prophet's Zakaria's supplications.
But Wok Kundur and partner are not of that category unless ALLAH says "Kun Fayakun". Nevertheless, the stories that come out of Trengganu range from crashing roofs right to beach trysts does not befit its status as one of the oil producing states in Peninsular Malaysia.

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
The love of ALLAH SWT God the Almighty lies supreme. It ultimately will determine our place in the hereafter but none are so blind as not to see it.

The recent spate of abandoned babies, some alive speaks volumes of the decadent thinking and attitude towards not just morality but self-respect to humanity. Sex education may be one of the answers but faced a brick wall.

The sad thing is that nearly everything would be politicized and progress is unnecessarily checked.