Thursday, July 8, 2010

On The Mend and On The Road To Recovery

Tiger Woods : 'How do I look. Do I look happy, naughty or guilty?' (It doesn't really matter. You are Numero Uno of Golf and no one can take that away from you. Just strut your stuff. We're with you!)

Hank Before Tee-Off, Choosing the Right club is Essential.

Hank Teeing-Off, Addressing the Ball and also having a Correct Stance

Hank After Tee-Off, The Follow Through: Taken during the TNB Friendly at Kajang Hill Golf Club on April 30, 1995

Mindef Friendly Golf, From Left : OP Bakar Jamal (Tan Sri) Datuk Khalil, OP Ghani Yunus ( Datuk) and Hank

Valley Golf Club, Phillippines: Together with the Royal Selangor Club golfers at 1 of 3 venues played. Hank at front row extreme left.

Lunch at KGNS after Competition, From Left: OPs Leon,Shah, Ahmad (Datuk) and Yahya (Datuk)

Lunch at KGNS after Competition , From Left: OPs Yahya (Datuk) Hank and Mohamad ( Datuk)

After Lunch At KGNS, From Left: Yusuf Jr,OPs Leon,Mohamad (Datuk) Yahya (Datuk) Norshaari,Ahmad (Datuk) Hank,Rahman and Shah

Lunch at KGNS after Game, From Left: Hashim ( guest), OP Ahmad Nazri, Guest

Lunch at KGNS after Game, From Left: OPs Rahman,Wan Salleh, Norshaari

Lunch at KGNS after Game, From Left: OPs Syed Hamid (Dr), Guest, Mahfar ( Datuk)

Lunch at KGNS after Game, From Left: OPs Mahfar (Datuk), Hamdan, M Noor ( Datuk, Dr)

After Lunch At KGNS, The ' Budak Boys' OP Golfers and guests

The come-back kid of golf , Tiger Woods has not made any creditable impact on his come back trail. His woes since the sexual tryst surfaced had persisted. His game is no where near to where he was before.

He’s played in 5 tournaments ( 2 of them a major) and he found himself in unfamiliar territory - trailing others when he should be leading and winning.

Tiger might be back at the Mines Resort and Golf Club for the CIMB Asia Pacific Classic this October 28-31, 2010 which offers USD1mil to the winner( Tiger was here at the same venue in 1999 where he walked away as the Champ)

On the home front, at home the divorce is as good as done. The discussion is now centred on the settlement figure. Tiger is reputed to be worth USD700 mil and Erin the wife feels USD100 mil should be hers ( not including child support which is additional)

Let's not be taken up with the unsavoury stuff. We'll just talk golf! The goodness of golf.

The road to recovery is long and hard. The British Open ( 1 of 4 majors) played on the weekend of the third Friday in July is just a little over a week away. In 2010, The Open will have prize money of £4.8 mil, with £850,000 going to the winner. It is the only "major" held outside the USA. It is the third major to take place each year, following The Masters and the U.S. Open, but before the PGA Championship.

Tiger has to be in the game again to maintain his position of the Numero Uno of golf. Tiger has discovered that lots of sex is not good for your golf, that is if you are not caught!

I face the same situation also. No, not the juicy part, not the sex part. It is the road to recovery and the desire to play again part.

I’ve laid off golf for quite sometime now, a couple of years maybe? Yes, that long. It becomes more urgent and necessary again as my handcap in KGNS has been obliterated and my right to play jeopardized.

Beginning March 2010, all handicaps obtained prior to 2008 have been withdrawn or cancelled. However way you say it, translated in terms of right to play at the Main Course is also now withdrawn.

Not that I just want to play at the choice Main Course and not at the ‘kiddie course’. It is just that I cannot join my usual ‘Budak Boys’ group which is played off on the Main Course on every 1st Wednesdays of the month. To be allowed to play there I need to have a current handicap.

There is also the Setiakawan Golf Club group comprising those previously with Mindef where I have been encouraged to join in by OP Nawi ( Lt Gen Datuk). This is on every Wednesdays ( 52 times a year) It would mean regular golf for the asking.

I’ve to tone up my golf muscles at the Driving Range for a start before anything else. That’s what I need to do, on the mend, and on the road to recovery.


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Hank,
I thought upon reading the title, it had to do with an ailment, and how wrong I am. But since I am not a golfer and I do not have any qualms of not being one, I wish you all the best.But please do not forsake the more important obligation when you proceed with the recovery, that is to Allah S.W.T. because life is short and every day is a bonus at our age.

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
Thanks buddy. The idea is to be healthy enough to pursue some healthy pursuits.

Al-Manar said...

That speial curve at the end of the swing is what causes many to have slipped disc, and I would not dream of trying it!I wonder how my swings are today if I retake golf, and how many air shots would be the result. Keep it up dear Hank. That Tiger does not look any better.

kaykuala said...

Dear Pak Cik,
Thanks for the encouragement. I feel tempted to be at it again with my golfing buddies while I still can. At least we can exchange notes on things medical (besides golf) where most have common matters (read: ailments)to talk about.

Capt's Longhouse said...

howdy there,

...your left hand grip too much on the inside, open to left a bit and 'relax' more plus your shoulder to square up, too much bent of the right ball further centre but on the right side of swing bottom. O.K. !!

Tiger Woods

kaykuala said...

Dear Capt,
That's what I need! Thanks for the advice and more so for dropping by. Really appreciate it.

kaykuala aka Hank

Capt's Longhouse said...
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