Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hari Raya Cards – A tribute to KJ

The First Hari Raya Card received this Year from OP KJ

For Your Valuation Needs OP KJ is at Tel : 603-2698-5522, email :

Today, the 12th day of Ramadhan I received my first Hari Raya Card ( the equivalent of a Christmas card for the Christian faith)

This card is special! It comes from KJ. No. not that other KJ but OP KJ. OP KJ has always been the 1st to send, nobody else beats him to it. It is special because OP KJ has been sending me a Hari Raya Card for the past 30 over years, I think. I don’t really recollect, may be more.

To be sure when was the 1st one, it should relate to the day OP KJ first joined W.M. Malik and Lee. That year would have been the first Hari Raya Card that I would have received from OP KJ. I’ve been receiving it every year ever since – faithfully without fail!

‘Thanks OP KJ!. Before retirement I had acknowledged your card with a similar card from the Bank . However, since retirement, I had replied with a commercially printed card a couple of times but not in recent years. Apologies for the missed replies of recent years.’

Since the card is from the company I would immediately detect the progress of OP KJ in the company from the name change of the company’s name. It is now W.M Malik and Kamaruzaman, meaning OP KJ is now a Senior Partner of the company. This change has been there for quite some while.

Likewise from the card I could also detect OP KJ’s progress at home. It was first signed with just KJ and Asmah Ibrahim, a wonderful couple! However now, it includes Fadli, Hairi, Aizat, Faez & Zulqarnain.

‘Keep it up buddy! You are not alone with only boys! It is ok!’

Great! OP KJ has now lined up his potential golf partners for many years to come.

Note: The card I received today has the old address. However, we are still in the vicinity and the postman is aware of both addresses. I will email my current address forthwith to you.

While still on the subject, I notice that a Hari Raya Card is now a rare commodity. We used to send out hundreds of specially printed cards to our Bank customers and received a fair share in return. Most would have been received during Ramadhan but there were odd ones also that came after Hari Raya.

This was the culture then. A card is sent out for every festive occasion every year, be it Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Divali and Christmas. If that's not all there were also Season’s Greetings for the New Year together with the accompanying New Year Diary. But not anymore!

Nowadays, the culture has changed greatly. We now receive and send out text messages via the ubiquitous mobile phones. It is sure to reach, it is at real time, convenient and cheap. It can do wonders for communication ( audio/text/cyberspace) images (photos and video) music, time management and some others in the pipeline. Yes, the computer geeks will come up with something new all the time.

The mobile phone has certainly revolutionized our lifestyles in more ways than one!

As for me I’ll still await for the Hari Raya Card from OP KJ every year. There will be a time when it would most probably be the only Hari Raya Card that I would ever receive for the year!

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