Friday, August 27, 2010

It is All Over! I am a New Self and I’m Single!

The Tiger Cub

The Champ in the Making

A Youthful Amateur Champ

With his Father, the Late Earl Woods

With his Beloved Son, 18 month old, Charlie

THe Classic One Wood Tee-Off

The Classic Follow -Through

Hear Ye, Listen Up!

Shh....I'm Single and I'm Back!

The good news is (if it can be considered good news) is that Tiger Woods has put everything behind him. His marital problems have now been resolved. His divorce has been finalized. The settlement amount has been agreed upon and matters relating to visiting rights for his children ( 3 year old girl, Sam and 18 month old boy, Charlie) have now been determined.

Tiger the numero uno of golf has seen the worst. His position threatened, his game on the low, his swing coach no more with him, he missed the cut in a recent tournament and his home life shattered.

What is there then for him? A lot! What is his future now? Great! How is his golf going to fare? Interesting! Yes, He was down but not out. The only way to go is up.

We look forward to good things and good news coming from the Tiger camp. He has to. He has to prop up his game and win tournaments. This will show to the world that he is now a new man, a new player going into his old self. Show those who withdrew his endorsements before ( a lucrative USD120mil ) that he is of sterner stuff. He need not go back to them or rather they need not bother him now. He does not need them. He can get others. There are so many other products that could do with his magical touch.

The only thing he needs to do now is to win tournaments and he has that opportunity at the Barclays this week where he is playing ( The Barclays Classic at Ridgewood Country Club, Paramus, New Jersey, 26 – 29 Aug 2010)

What a turn around! From early reports, we are seeing what we used to see before, that Tiger is jointly leading the pack! His first round score is 65, which is his best this year. Now the old Tiger is on the prowl again!

Give him space, he needs it. Tiger from now on remember, the only way to go is up. Others have problems too, marital problems, still simmering, and not in the open.

You are now done with it! You’re now single! We crave for good golf. You are there to provide it. We crave to see the maroon T-Shirt leading the pack as before! Go for it!


norzah said...

Tiger Wood should read your post, Akhi Kaykuala. It would have given him the needed spiritual support to climb back into his former throne. It's really amazing to see how the world turned against him due to his lapses although there are other white sports celebrities who have been involved in worse scandals.
I guess many were waiting to just push him down and out. Yes, he needs more ardent supporters like you. A first class golfer should not be knocked down by a social goof.

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
That is true, it's the bane of coloured athletes/celebs. Give others half a chance and they'll bash them (the athletes/celebs) till kingdom come eg Chuck Berry ( wrongly charged for child molestation and rape) , OJ Simpson (sued for $mils just because he was found not guilty) Mohd Ali (banned 3 yrs at his prime for refusing the draft)Mike Tyson (pursued for all sorts incl rape, Michael Jackson (child molestation)
Ben Johnson & Marion Jones.
There were many lesser ones who were damned but just faded away in silence.
They did wrong but were pursued with such vehemence that they never fully recovered.