Friday, December 3, 2010

What's Wrong, People!

It's Weird!

Given the run around, that’s bureaucracy

Given the nod, that’s matrimony

Given the millions, that’s alimony

Given the snubs, that’s Gaddafi

Given the Osama, that’s infamy

Given the escapades, that’s Woods and Rooney

Given the release that’s Aung San Suu Kyi

Given the late nights, that’s Berlusconi

Given the baldy, that’s Britney

Given the the Throne, Charles or Willie?

Given the current spell, it’s cold and snowy

Given the Top Hits, Jackson and Presley

Given the laughs, that’s Chaplin, Lewis and Carrey

Given the the 2 Koreas, it’s a flare-up and hostility

Given the strengths and tumble that’s the WWE

Given the long stretch, that’s Maddox and his cronies

Given the WikiLeaks , the Administration’s jittery

Given soccer’s wizardry, that’s Pele

Given Susan Boyle’s appearance, that’s discovery

Given the MU’s unbeaten run that’s Alex Fergie

Given the knock off Top of the Table , that’s Ancelotti and Chelsea

Given the youngest F1 Champ, Vettel , that’s at the Grand Prix Abu Dhabi

Given ever lasting beauty, that’s Liz Taylor or Jolie?

Given the Kung Fu Chops, that’s Bruce Lee

Given every high regards and respect, that’s Mandela and Gandhi

Given the hate that’s Hitler and Mussolini

Given the bubble , inflation risks, that’s the Global economy

Given the tears, govt defaults, that’s the euro-zone currency

Given the job that’s Obama and the Presidency

Given the slip, that’s democracy!

Submitted for Thursday's Think Tank No 25


Jingle said...

you have weird and beautiful imagination.
well done.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So well said!

Old Ollie said...

That's a lot of weirdness.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Hank ( Kaykuala),
A superb bout of weirdness here!
Wonderful wordplay and astute observation of world wide news!

I enjoyed reading this very much indeed.
Best wishes, Eileen

kaykuala said...

Jingle,Sherry,Ollie and Eileen,
When the prompt is weirdness, we can go to town and be naughty and the poems are still acceptable. Thanks for the visit!

Diane T said...

Hank, this is absolutely astounding. You put so much thought into this poem. You are SO right-on!

Mary said...

This is excellent, filled with observations as current as today's event! Terrific read, Hank!

R. Burnett Baker said...

Thinking thinking thinking! Almost makes one's head explode! Terrific observations. Now I'll settle in with some hot coffee and stare out my big picture window, grateful to be out of the cold!!


norzah said...

Akhi Hank, that's very ingenious and witty. In one poem you alluded to and personified weirdness in some of the most famous names in the world and some awkward aspects of life. You succeeded in merging irony and humor within a poetic framework. Amazing.

Most happy to note that you've pulled Akhi Halim and Pakcik Al-Manar into the picture. I've appreciated poetry in both English and Bahasa for a long, long while but never mastered the art. Will send you some of my own stuff later.

Ellen aka Ella said...

Wow, I loved it; profound and so much truth in the weirdness!

Lynette Killam said...

This is a wonderful collection of weirdness...a little frightening that we take such things for granted in our crazy world...LOL! I really enjoyed this poem...

kaykuala said...

Diane and Mary,
A lot to say when we get different people doing different things.

Good for you when you go to the cosy corner. Langkawi still on the cards, right?

Thanks Akhi. It's fun! Already given the email.

Thank you. The truth turned out funny sometimes

As long as people can get away with it, anything goes, I suppose.