Friday, December 17, 2010

The Mistletoe

Merry Christmas!

Will I get my wish seemingly
Of splendor as in the ‘White Christmas’ movie
Of strains of the nostalgic rendition of Crosby
Gripping my soul tenaciously

Stretched across the doorway invitingly
Markedly a symbol of love and fertility
Of red, yellow and green like berries
The mistletoe sprig rather sparingly
Nudging the hearts of the uncanny
Splashed of blind innocence truly
Radiant with dreams of romance invitingly

Would you care for a kiss my fair lady?

And Merry Christmas everybody!

Inspired by the One Stop Poetry - Friday's Holiday Poetry


norzah said...

Wit, humor and a touch of the comical. A very inviting piece of poetry, Brother Hank. Love it.

dustus said...

It's one of the fun pleasures of this time of year. I enjoyed your poetic treatment of Mistletoe. Happy Holidays!

Hope said...

made me smile! thank you!

Eric Alder said...

Lots of y-ending words there... very nice 55!

Chris said...

Oh mistletoe...always a good spot of fun...or at least, so we wish, and we hope. Hopefully your lady's up for it!

moondustwriter said...

The wish for the kiss
really the best part of Christmas if you ask me

Enjoy your holiday under the mistletoe

Ellen aka Ella said...

Nicely done! I loved all the ideas you brought attention, too~Well Done!

TALON said...

This was so fun to read! The magic of mistletoe...

Have a Merry Christmas, too!

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
Fun to have you joining in!

kaykuala said...

dustus, it is, rightly so, thanks Adam and Happy Holidays to you too!

Hope and Eric, thanks and year ending smiles for both of you!

kaykuala said...

Chris, thanks so we wish. However regret unsuccessfully tried but couldn't connect to you!

kaykuala said...

Ellen and

thanks for returning the visit and Happy Holidays to all

Amanda Moore said...

very festive I hope you have a very lovely Christmas!

kaykuala said...

Thanks and I'd wished for you too!

flaubert said...

This made me smile Kaykuala.
Happy New Year to you.

norzah said...

why has the poetry stopped, Akhi? Ar you posting the poems somewhere else?