Thursday, June 17, 2010

50 Years Ago - The Sovereign’s Parade 1960

1. Awaiting the Arrival of the Distinguished Dignitaries. A commanding view from up the ridge of the Married Quarters (MQ) of PD Garrison

2. The arrival of the Rt.Hon.the Prime Minister accompanied to the dais by the then Commandant Lt Col R De L King.

3. Arrival of the DYMM the Yang DiPertuan Besar

4. The DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong

5. The DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong Going for The Inspection

6. The Inspection Done on a Royal vehicle as the parade in Port Dickson took place on the College Padang which had to cover lots of ground ( unlike that of the Parade Square in Sg Besi which is smaller where it was done on foot)

7. The March Past by the Band

8. The March Past by the Senior Cadets in Slow March

9. The March Past by 'G' Coy, part of the Boys Wing contingent in Quick Time.

10. The DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong presenting the Director's of Studies Prize (for Academic Excellence) to 'G' Coy's SUO Salleh Mohd Nor of Upper Six Science ( a brilliant scholar, who hailed from Juasseh, Kuala Pilah later Tan Sri,Dr. who once helmed the Forest Research Institute, and currently the Malaysian Nature Society and countless other NGOs )

11. The Senior Cadets successfully leaving the parade as commissioned officers to the strains of the Auld Lang Syne

The Sovereign’s Parade is a most auspicious day for the Royal Military College (RMC). It is an annual event held at the end of the year. The Sovereign’s Parade as the name suggests is graced with the Royal presence of the King, the DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong who would confer the designated royal commissions to the graduating Senior Cadets.

It is a passing-out parade, the culmination of a 2-year training stint for the Senior Cadets. They are commissioned into the Armed Forces as a young subaltern officer with the rank of a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army ( or its equivalent in the Navy and Air Force )

In 1960, the then Federation Military College (FMC) comprised the Cadet Wing and the Boys Wing (now Cawangan Putra). In the Sovereign’s Parade 1960 ( as in all others until recently), the Boys Wing was accorded the privilege and honour of active participation together with the Cadet Wing.

This is a pictorial essay based on pictures in my possession. It provides just a glimpse of what happened, just a little of the dignified pomp and pageantry, an event steeped in the tradition and ceremony of the military, just a record to say that ‘I was there 50 years ago in the Sovereign’s Parade in Port Dickson’.


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Hank,
What a nostalgic pictures you upload in your blog and I could still remember the PD Camp where I spent only briefly before the move to "Iron River".
What used to be a tranquil and forlorn beach opposite the barracks across the PD-SiRusa road is now horribly sprouting with unsightly structures on either side. The peace and beauty of PD as home of the Malay Regiment has long been destroyed by none other that corrupted clot.

Al-Manar said...

I wish I had photos of my school days. We were in a backward state and as such photography was late to come. Do you recall an old classmate of mine by the name of Mustapha Awang? Allah bless his soul. He went to RMC. Sadly he died in a helicopter crash in Sarawak. He was then about to be a General if I am not mistaken.

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
Yes, I was 15 months in PD before the 'big move' to Sg Besi during the 1st term break of 1961 ( this meant you were there for about 3 months) It was wonderful times. We could just nip over the fence to the beach across the road to laze on Sundays, some armed with books, while one or 2 maybe with binoculars (but that's another story befitting of a separate posting later!)

kaykuala said...

Pak Cik,
The late Mustaffa Awang joined the Cadet Wing direct and may not have been in Boys Wing (I stand corrected)
Yes, it was a helicopter crash in Lundu, Sarawak on Dec 18,1989. It caused the untimely demise of 2 brilliant soldiers, the late Maj Gen Datuk Mustaffa Awang and the late OP Brig Gen Datuk Hasbullah Yusuf - both meant for high office if not for the tragedy. Also perished was my classmate the late OP Maj Johari Selan and 3 others,I think.
(Maj Gen Datuk Mustaffa Awang could have been one of the Senior Cadets who passed-out as a graduating cadet in 1960 - I wonder if anyone can verify this)

aofuad said...

OP Hamzah,
Allahyarham OP Mustaffa Awang, Mej Jen, Dato, was in Waterloo Company, 1954-1955.
He was a Budakboy and he died together with the other two budakboy, OP Bond Hasbullah Yusof (E Coy,1957-1960)Brig Jen, Dato, and OP Mohd Johari Selan (H Coy, 1960-1963), Lt Col.
OP Mustaffa has a son OP Shareff and Shaffik(non-member) and his brother is OP Mohd Nawawi Awang, Capt(MAS), Dato .

OP Bond Hasbullah's son is OP Azril Omree, Lt Col TUDM.

Yes, both the two Jenerals were illustrious and colourfull in their own way. OP Mustaffa was the OPA President in 1983-1985.

Keep on reminiscing about your budakboy days and it will be a big help towards our book project. Will get this printed in the next Berita OPA.
OP Azudin

kaykuala said...

OP Azudin,
Apologies. I appreciate very much the authoritative response in correcting my error, the quick confirmation and also the additional info.
Thanks buddy, wildo.

kaykuala said...

Pak Cik,
You're right! Allahyarham OP Mustaffa Awang, Maj Gen, Dato was in the Boy's Wing before joining the Cadet Wing. He was a super senior.

Ishak Ujang said...

OP Major Azril Omree TUDM serving No 20 Squadron, Subang AB

renold mohd said... late father Col(R) Mohamad b. Che Wan,one of First Intake Cadet Wing FMC,i hope Uncle Abd.Halim Shah know my father his nickname in army they called him Kol Mat Brush...

renold mohd said... late father Col(R) Mohamad b. Che Wan,one of First Intake Cadet Wing FMC,i hope Uncle Abd.Halim Shah know my father his nickname in army they called him Kol Mat Brush...