Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Overstaying Your Welcome

Being a good guest we are expected to be considerate. We are not to anyway cause concern nor inconvenience to our host. It would translate to enhancing good feelings. It would mean another visit in the future that would be welcomed and even expected. It is a measure of refinement that ensures lasting relationships. So we are not to overstay our welcome. We are to leave at the appropriate time.

Can we expect the same in a political relationship. Is it not the same as in other refined relationships political or otherwise?

A case in point is the hot news in all mainstream media today May 31, 2010. The Samy Velu theatricals!

It is a culmination of the groundswell building up from GE12 when the MP for Sg Siput was no more an MP. It progressed further to the MIC presidential elections which he successfully defended for another term ending in 2012. What can we say?

He is there lording over all the underlings. Democracy is at its best in the MIC. Three who mustered some courage (read: who got out of line by asking Samy to gracefully resign immediately ) were immediately sacked themselves. The Sec-Gen a young and upcoming official who questioned the sackings also got the sack the following day.

This was made smooth and easy with the President’s absolute power allowing for immediate sackings. This brings back to memory the classic Lord Acton’s maxim that ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Power cannot be vested so absolutely in the hands of one person and expect it to be used discreetly. Only if is not against himself, yes, but not otherwise.

The GAS movement ( the Gerakan Anti-Samy ) which triggered the earlier 3 sackings held a meeting the weekend of May 30th, which was attended by 5000 members. They dared Samy to sack all 5000 this time.

Theoretically, if Samy continues sacking in the face of defiance from the members and contempt on his part there will come a time when he is left with only himself in the MIC.

Sacking does not signify strength or power. It is a tool. Using the tool sparingly or even not using it at all will indicate an inner strength of the leader. Samy apparently failed to see this.

Furthermore his actions cannot just impact on the MIC but the BN with the spectre of the GE13 looming ahead. A major BN component party led by a non-MP as President cannot position itself as a party of strength. No amount of sackings can reflect the strength so lacking as it is.

The saga continues…..


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Hank,
Samy Velu is not only a megalomaniac but he is like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. One moment he is nice and in a flash he could be like a screaming idiot.
Having worked with him, I found that he was amenable when presented with facts and figures. It is only when you are not sure of your facts that he will breathe fire and smoke. Further he imagines himself as that cruel ancient Indian King who rode over his subjects whenever he was on his chariot, named "Jaganath".
I hope the MIC dump him overboard.

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
The MIC will dump him.It's a matter of time. I don't see much hope for a leader of a party dumped at the GE12 and now at odds with his party members.He's lost on both counts!