Monday, June 28, 2010

‘……and they live happily ever after…’

June 12, Mohd Sharizan and Ida waiting to be led in as a couple

June 12, The Proud Parents, From Left: Isa and Hasniah with Shadah and Ruby

June 19, Thanking the Guests, From Left: Abdul Jalil, Nurul Husna, OP Halim and Nasimah

OP Halim's Guests, From Left: Mrs Akbar, OPs Bear, Shah and Amin

OP Halim's Guests, From Left:Azizah, Shadah and Mrs Akbar

OP Halim's Guests, From Left: OP Dolet (Datuk, Dr) and Datin

June 27, The Newly Weds From Left: Wan Adri and Dr Putri and Shadah

June 27, Dr Wan Hassan's and Sarifah's Guests, From Left: Datin and Shadah

June 27, Dr Wan Hassan's and Sarifah's Guests,From Left: Hank and OP Nawi ( Lt.Gen, Datuk )

June 27, Two Couples of Newly Weds, From Left: Induk Maridah's siblings, Rosdi Azwan and Nur Izzati and Sarayati and Rosdi Azmir

The school holidays season is often equated with marriages. The recent one from June 05 till June 20, 2010 was no different. In fact it was even preceded when our cousin Kartini had one done on May 29, (a week before the school break) at Bukit Chedang in Seremban. It was for her son, Sherul Marzuki and his lovely bride Nur Shafinaz. Incidentally, Sherul is also the son of the late Lt Col Othman Md Yusof, one of the officers commissioned at the Sovereign’s Parade in 1960.

We were invited for a spate of others during that period. Isa and Hasniah had theirs in Subang Jaya for their lovely daughter Ida and her beau Mohd Sharizan on the Sat afternoon of June 12.On a bright sunny day, Hasniah had most appropriately thought of a soft purple scheme for the day. It blends very well in the afternoon sun.

This was followed in the evening by my close buddy Syed Alwi for his lovely daughter Sharifah Naimah and the handsome Aminuddin at The Club in Pelangi Damansara. They did away with tradition whereby on the invitation cards wedding guests were invited by the bride and bridegroom and not their parents.

Even during the night there were other innovative happenings. The live band for a start had a very good male singer. He connected well with a medley of ‘evergreens’ and dangdut numbers. In between a likeable, 11-year-old boy did a Michael Jackson routine on stage at the Main Table complete with moon walk and stuff. To top it all, Aminuddin, the ‘groom’ belted out 2 numbers , one to his bride on stage. The other ‘ an Elvis’, It’s Now or Never’ together with the band down at the floor. It was an enjoyable night! ( the ambience was great, but a pity I did not snap any photos)

On Jun 19, OP Halim had his for his lovely daughter Nurul Husna and her beau Abdul Jalil a ‘tall and handsome’ guy. A few days before, OP Halim had quite rightly reminded us that it was a sit-down lunch and we ought to be there all at the same time. I said I would be there early and volunteered to be the point-man to receive the other OPs. This allowed me to receive guests when they arrived.

Besides receiving other OPs, it allowed me the privilege of meeting for the first time, blogger Norzah. Akhi Norzah arrived at almost the same time that the Hon. Minister YB Datuk Mustapha Mohamed was led into the lobby for a photo session with the newly-weds. There were some quick movements of guests in the lobby and OP Halim as host was in the midst of it all, together with the Hon.Minister. I managed to spot Akhi Norzah quickly when he arrived. He looked like that in his photo so it was easy. It was a poignant moment when we embraced. All these while I have seen Akhi Norzah via his photos on his blog. It was just great to welcome Akhi Norzah in person!

OP Halim as host was a measure of confidence. Everything that I saw went clockwork. A case in point was when OP Tan Sri Gnanalingam arrived when everyone were already seated. OP TSG came over to our table but OP Halim coolly came by and had OP TSG seated at the Minister's table. It just went naturally easy.

There was a lull for a week until yesterday. There were two yesterday June 27, 2010, both day-time happenings. The first one was by Dr Wan Hassan and Sarifah at Taman Melawati. It was for their boy, a big boy now, Wan Adri and his lovely bride Dr Puteri Shanaz. We arrived there by 1200hrs considerably early to make time for the other one.

I had the occasion to be seated at the same table as my old buddy OP Nawi ( Lt.Gen, Datuk) and Datin. OP Nawi kept persuading me to join in their weekly golf outings,through their Setiakawan Golf Club. There is a tournament on every Wednesdays at different venues, 52 in a year. It comprises a regular 10 flights each time. There are also overseas trips too. Should be enough golf to keep one fairly active.

Following some interesting account of how they fared in Perth, Australia recently, I am inclined to pick up the game again and join in. I’ve laid off for some while now. My golf buddies in KGNS had been trying to get me back even before this. This means I will have to go for some sort of ‘secret practice’ to tone up the golf muscles to give at least a creditable showing when the time comes.

The next reception was luckily enough just nearby at Keramat Wangsa within the Wangsa Maju locale. It was Induk Maridah’s do for her two sons, Rosdi Azwan and his lovely bride, Nur Izzati and Rosdi Azmir with his equally lovely bride Sarayati.
We managed to make it there by about 1400hrs ( 2,00pm) The crowd was building up and it was just nice.

That wrapped up the day and we took the DUKE highway which was conveniently located just at the end of the turning (from the junction facing the Mindef Back Entrance) . It was back to PJ exiting at Kota Damansara and back home.


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Hank,
Once more I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the help which you offered at the function in guiding the Class of '64 to their tables. My brother Hazim asked me who was that Gentleman who volunteered to be part of the welcoming group and I told him that he is "Hank" who was my classmate in then FMC when I was in the sixth form.
I feel humbled by your generous remarks and on behalf of the bride and the bridegroom, I dedicate this pantun for you:-

Orang Daik Pulang ke Daik
Anak Ikan Berenang renang
Orang Baik Budi Pun Baik
Jasamu Tuan Senentiasa Dikenang

Salam and May ALLAH Bless You and Shadah and all members of the Family.

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
U are welcomed. Am not that familiar nor refined in ways of the pantuns. Let me try:

A wayward boat had lost its rudder
The prospects aren't good in bad weather
Old buddies are like no other
One good turn deserves another!

And likewise, every best wishes to the happy couple Jalil and Nurul and to you and Nasimah every best wishes in anticipation of 'the little ones' to the family.