Saturday, July 9, 2011

Awaiting The Sunset at Bongawan Beach, Sabah

Ghaffar had his whole family over in Bongawan in early June 2011. Bongawan is a chic little town about 70km from Kota Kinabalu. It was a joyous occasion on account of Ebby Amran and Mas tying the knot (more of this in a later posting). We were persuaded to go to the beach by the folks there to witness the sunset.

Upon arrival at the beach. Ghaffar, my brother is second from the right

Azhar (right) and Nana surveying the surroundings. It is a beautiful beach, sandy white practically undisturbed

Azhar couldn't resist the water especially when kayak facilities were available

Azhar (left) and Ariffin debating as to who was to sit in the front

They were now in open sea. In the background could be seen a number of bagans. These were akin to kelongs specifically meant for harvesting of anchovies (ikan bilis) We have been persuaded to come again to do a spot of angling in the night at one of these. Yes, why not?

Alimi on a beach buggy (not sure if this is called such) on rental at RM5 for 15mins

Hank on the same buggy ( psst... he sat on it just for the snap)

The Sunset that never was. It was a pity we did not get to see the real thing as there were thick clouds. The sun was then at the back of the lower level clouds. It was still fascinating just to be there.

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ipin90 said...

going to bongawan beach n ebby's wedding is like killing two birds with one stone