Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ebby and Mas - Wedding in Bongawan, Sabah

The Jurunikah explaining the preliminaries to the couple

Sequence of Wedding Photos in Bongawan

Explaining the bridegroom's responsibilities

The Akad, solemnising the marriage vows

Reading the consequences of not providing for the bride

Signing the designated marriage documents

The Bride reading of her responsibilities

Handing over the Mas-kahwin

The bride kissing the hand of the bridegroom signifying her first act of obedience

The Bridegroom slipping the ring on the bride's finger

The bride returning the favour

Doa on completion of ceremony

Shadah and the Bridegroom's mother

The men-folks with bridegroom

The first picture as husband and wife

Creating a heart signifying love

Mas' uncle with Ghaffar

Berzanji before merenjis

Ghaffar, Father of the 'groom blessing the couple

Munah, Mother of the 'groom blessing the couple

Amri, the eldest brother...
Aza, a younger brother...

Alimi, cousin of the 'groom

Dayang, the sister...
Azlan, a younger brother...

Ebby waiting to meet the bride

Ghaffar's family
The entourage proceeding towards the bride's house

The couple on the dais

By the doorstep

The couple with the 'groom's parents
The Bridegroom's family
The Bride's family
The Bride's family again
With both mothers

Sequence of Wedding Photos in KL

Nabil my grandson and Qhaty

Alimi and family, arrival as guests in KL

Yunus bridegroom's uncle as a guest

Before proceeding to bridegroom's house

Mas' relatives from Kota Kinabalu
Before leaving
Walking towards the house, with Azhar as bestman

Kak Ngah and Bang Ngah as guests
Arrived at the house and treated with a spot of silat of welcome by Atan

Silat by Atan, bridegroom's uncle
Main Table
Main Table again
Main Table
Kak Lang, Bridegroom's Aunty and family

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