Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ceremonial Welcome To a New Born

An elder, the regular Imam of the local mosque officiated at the ceremony. It was preceded with a doa

Bercukur dan Berzanji

Shadah and I had the privilege of attending or rather witnessing a ceremony of welcoming a newborn baby last weekend. Baby is the second-born baby, a boy to Sanusi and Siti. Sanusi is the youngest of 5 siblings to Bang Mid and Kak Pah who were our neighbours before.

This ceremony had the noble intentions on Baby who would speak well of his relationships in future and whose bearing is polished and exemplary.

Baby was given in succession the taste of 3 items of sacredness and sweetness. A taste of 'air zam-zam' was lapped at Baby's lips, watched intently by Sanusi.

This was followed with a taste of honey.

....and a taste of dates.

The Imam then clipped a wee bit of Baby's hair which was sprinkled into a bowl of water.

Baby's proud grandad Bang Mid was then given the honour of clipping a little bit of Baby's hair

The Imam then recited a doa of appreciation that the ceremony went along very well. It brought the process to a close.

Sanusi the proud father then lifted Baby and handed Baby to Kak Pah an equally proud grandma

Grandma held Baby with all the affections that a Grandma would readily accord.

Baby's charming mother Siti waiting patiently for her turn to lovingly have Baby in her arms. Shadah was there behind Siti to give all the encouragement.

A Berzanji followed where speakers recited religious texts for quite some while before it all ends.

We wish and doa for Baby all the very best, good health and every success for the future.


Al-Manar said...

Bercukur and berzanji are common among our community - with some variations. The meal that follows is usually the one many quests look forwards to.

kaykuala said...

Dear Pak Cik,
Yes, I've seen variations, some when the host decided so and some were dictated by the norms of that community. What is important is that efforts to put up such a ceremony should be made and be seen lest these be slowly forgotten.

sanusi said...

I would like to express my utmost gratitude and sincere appreciation to everyone who has made this ceremony a successful one especially to En Hamzah for devoting the time and effort in posting the special blog,is truly amazing.

kaykuala said...

Most welcomed. Check out also my other blog which is solely for my poetry ie 'Rainbow'

Lola said...

What a beautiful ceremony. I was totally unfamiliar with this process, but I loved reading about it. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog too.