Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10-10-10 - A Once in a Hundred Year Cycle

A Perfect 10 - It's a 100 year cycle and definitely it's a once in a lifetime affair for all of us now.

The Crowded Hall of Newly Weds - All the couples took the opportunity of getting married simultaneously on 10-10-10. They must have waited in anticipation years ahead.

Our Astronaut and Wife - Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and Datin Dr Harlina. How elegant they look. They also waited to be married on 10-10-10

10.10 An Extract from Jaafar's Facebook -
I wish to take this opportunity to wish my kid brother Jaafar, ' A Very Happy Birthday' - on this Very Special Day on 10-10-10 this year.

Message To Adinda Jaafar - I can still remember seeing you the first time when our Allahyarhamah Bonda gave birth to you on Oct 10,1958. I cannot remember when exactly you arrived but I saw you briefly when I came back from school. You were all nicely and warmly wrapped up.
I bent down to say 'cak' but I was prevented from planting a kiss on your cheeks as I was all sweaty. Remember?

How's Isyam with his medical studies? With friends around him he should be able to settle down to his studies comfortably by now. Being overseas at a young age, he will have to endure culture shock initially but he looked confident in his ways before he left. He should be ok. He has already extended to me his email address. I will communicate direct with him as and when ( besides through his FB)


10-10-10 - A Once in a Hundred Year Cycle

10-10-10 a day perceived as auspicious
Some aren’t taken up but to some it did matter
Exchanging marriage vows seemed the obvious
Blissful ,endearing and they live ‘ happily ever after’

Triple 10 occurs every 100 years nary just one while
Prompting couples to get hitched in mass ceremonies
Astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and Dr Halina did it in style
Even inviting to his wedding all his 100 astronaut buddies

The collapse of the Qing Dynasty of Pu-Yi
Was arising from the Oct 10, revolution in Wuchang
And despite proclaimed a Republic in 1912, 01 January
The National day of China still falls on Double Ten

And incidentally nearer home, take a look!
My brother Jaafar in that select group too
His Birthday as attested to, Oct 10, 1958 in his Facebook
An uncanny coincidence, yes, but it is true!

P/S Thanks to Pakcik for initiating the push to experiment on new things


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Hank,
To my mind, there are many things that happened in a hundred year cycle, only that we are not aware of it or bothered by the coincidence. As Believers we have the Al-Quran and the Hadith to guide us in all sphere of our lives. There is no special significance of that date and by coincidence one of the worst tragic accident that took the lives of many on PLUS highway fell on that date.

Btw Many Happy Returns of the day to your brother.

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
It is significant to whomsoever who wanted to remember the date, ie the particular date of triple 10 whereby, being born on 10-10-10 or married on 10-10-10 or whatsoever. Maybe so!

ninotaziz said...

Dear Hank,
You have a good ear for rhyme, and including history in poetry is always a good idea. It gives it a sense of time.

In poetry though, it pays to be as brief as possible. So choose words with care.

kaykuala said...

Dear Ninotaziz Ma'am,
Thanks for the tip. It is so difficult to be brief. Would need to think real hard. It'll be rough in the beginning then. Now I know, rhyme alone is not enough.