Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wedding - Ahmad Farid and Nur Bahiyah

The Bridesmaids Leading the Procession

The Newly-Weds

Dr Andy, Dr Farah and Baby Danial ( you can read about the drama that was the day Dr Farah was born ( here )

My son Azhar, Syed and Mrs

Ruby and Shah

Cuddling Baby Danial - From Left : Zain, Dr Farah, Laila Fitri, Laila Fasha, Pn Maharani and Datin

Dr Farah, Datin and Zariah

Baby Danial and Dr Farah

Syed, OP Datuk Dr Fadzil and Zain

The Bride and Bridegroom bidding the Guests Farewell

We just came back from the wedding of Ahmad Farid and his charming bride, Nur Bahiyah held earlier in the evening of Oct 16th, 2010. Ahmad Farid is the first-born and the only son of Dr Ib and Zariah.

Dr Ib had forewarned me of Ahmad Farid’s impending wedding much earlier in the year. About 2 weeks ago a text from Dr Ib told me that he was back from Dublin with a reminder of Ahmad Farid’s wedding.

I attended the wedding with my loving son Azhar, as my loving wife Shadah is indisposed. We were seated with Syed Alwi , OP ( Datuk, Dr) Fadzil , Zain and Shah together with their respective spouses.

The wonderful evening started off with a doa followed by the merenjis ceremony. It was confined to the family with Dr Farah and Dr Andy as the first couple ( together with cute Baby Danial) all on stage who started the ball rolling. Then others followed including representatives from the bride’s.

On its completion it was followed with an eulogy on Ahmad Farid by sister Laila Fasha. She was choked with emotions at one stage, ( losing a brother but gaining a sister-in-law, so it was! ) It happened for just a split second ( and frankly we did’t even notice, we thought it was a long pause) but she bravely carried on with her speech . Fasha then handed the floor to sister Laila Fitri who delivered her rendition in poetry form ( a verse succinct and sweet ) and most pleasant to the ear.

Then the sumptuous dinner , with compliments of the Hotel, an impromptu speech by Dr Ib thanking one and all, his besan En Jamaludin and guests ( with the visible full support of the whole family on stage, including cute Baby Danial ( who Dr Ib confirmed could be viewed on YouTube by accessing through ‘ Malikiwi ‘ ) It was then followed with the cake-cutting.

The Bride and Bridegroom then graciously bade all guests good-night at the door ( not forgetting that all guests , Dr Ib confirmed would be invited again sometime next year for one of the young ladies’ turn)

Wishing Ahmad Farid and Nur Bahiyah, 'Congratulations on your Wedding and Selamat Pengantin Baru'

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