Sunday, October 3, 2010

Battle Royales Shaping Up

Lately some headlines appear to be shaping up to be long drawn affairs with the designated fireworks in its wake. Some are slated to be decided through the courts while some others through sheer strength, deceit and hooliganism while some are dignified. What are there in the offing? Let’s see those going through the courts first.

1.The Kelantan Royal House

I could never have imagined what appeared to be a family dispute could well develop into a potential constitutional crisis. I am careful this far to steer clear of matters concerning royalties. It is here now not so much as to comment but rather to take note of a happening within palace walls that would eventually be known by the ordinary folks through the courts. What appeared to be a seemingly innocent affair of His Royal Highness, the Sultan’s medical situation and condition had now turned into something unprecedented, previously unseen in the country – the proclamation of a new Sultan when the reigning Sultan is still alive!

It all started with the Sultan’s sojourn in a Singapore Hospital. There were movements to and fro a few times from Kota Bharu to Singapore and back which indicated that His Royal Highness had not fully recovered. In between there were side dramas of the Sultan’s second wife being physically prevented from seeing him, and of the royal entourage being commandeered and whisked away by an armed group upon returning to Kota Bharu and even a tussle for the Sultan’s luxurious Lamborgini car. All these added to the mystery but did not affect directly the rakyat until it was rumoured that there would be a ‘palace coup’ which was categorically denied by all and sundry. There seemed to be two opposing parties and the rakyat were not privy as to who belong to which though there were indications that the Regent and his royal sisters were on one side while the Sultanah and the royal brothers were on the other.

This came to a head when the Regent was declared as the new Sultan, to be known as Sultan Muhammad V to take over from his father. What surprised me and maybe others as well was the declaration the next day that the Sultan ( the father) was to lose his title officially including certain privileges.

This may need to be done to lend legitimacy to having just one Sultan reigning at any one time. But still it was too soon, and too abrupt to officially have the ailing Sultan deprived of the sanctity of office and stipend. What shocked me further was that on Oct 1st, 2010, it was announced that the Sultan had stripped his younger brother Tengku Muhammad Fakhry of the royal title of Temenggong and other state awards bestowed before by their father.

The legal fraternity in Kelantan is of the opinion that the proclamation to the Kelantan throne of His Royal Highness Sultan Muhammad V is constitutional. To ensure the dignity of office of the position of an ex-Sultan , a special sitting of the State Assembly had approved 2 enactments days ago to provide for a special allowance for the previous Sultan Ismail Petra and his consort.

The above is a narration of what events had transpired up to this point. No attempt is made to cast judgement or opinion of any one of them knowing fully we are not privy to going ons within the inner circles of the royal house.

We are in for the long haul as, on Oct 02, 2010 we were reminded by Tengku Fakhry that the 2 episodes ie 1) the proclamation and 2) the withdrawal of titles and awards on him are being pursued through the courts.

2.Group Lotus vs F1 Lotus

What have we here? I had all the time thought they were one and the same not until some harsh words hogged the headlines. To give a good effect to what’s coming appended is an extract of the news report datelined Oct 01, 2010,

Quote: “Group Lotus, a wholly owned subsidiary of Proton Holdings Bhd will institute proceedings in the next few days to stop the unlawful use ot the Lotus name by the Lotus Racing Formula One Team. Group Lotus was the only company entitled to use the Lotus name and that team principal, Datuk Tony Fernandez fully accepted this matter when they sought permission to use the Lotus name for Formula One in 2009.”

So, ‘see you in court’, the English High Court this time – so that there would not be any hue and cry later of any allegations of our government’s influence in the outcome.

Let’s see those not going to court ( not yet ) but just as likely going by the show of force, fist fights and flying chairs. This was the common scene depicted in their branch elections, not one but practically all of them in Perak, Selangor and Johore.

3.PKR Branch Elections

The spectacle appeared hilarious despite broken chairs, broken ballot boxes and ballot papers already ready for counting strewn all over the floor. Apparently 2 strong and opposing factions are flexing their muscles in the run-up to the much talked about show-down between Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and Azmin Ali, the likely contenders of the Dy President’s post. The PKR in so doing is giving the voters a preview of what’s coming in their kind of administration and these scenarios ( sadly common to all ) are just not pleasant to see!

And while all these are happening the Advisor Datuk Seri Anuar Ibrahim is happily away overseas ( heard say he was seen attending ‘gay happenings’ in Jakarta and Cologne )

4.The Galas By-Elections

The Man Of The Hour, YM Tengku Razaleigh : There were confirmed reports that YM Tengku had accepted the position of Director of Operations for BN in the by-election. It would certainly be a big boost for BN as YM Tengku is held in high esteem in his constituency. It would also be good for him if he delivers the goods. PM Najib would certainly accord the recognition by way of more direct involvement of YM Tengku in the Centre unlike now. A Cabinet appointment in the impending Cabinet reshuffle...maybe? hm,hm! We'll see.

The Galas by–election is on, following the untimely demise of the PAS ADUN a few days ago. This is just warming up and it is not expected to be embroiled in controversies, not just yet. We see the calming and dignified presence of the man-of-the-hour YM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah at centre stage ( Galas is in his Paliamentary constituency). We are also seeing the ‘unsteady and panicky’ reaction of the PAS election machinery ( as reported in the news) by trying to put a wedge between him and the BN leaders.

In all of these we have not factored yet the expected presence of Perkasa’s boisterous Datuk Ibrahim Ali who surprisingly is a bit quiet for a change but waiting in the wings. He should become direcly involved considering his Paliamentary constituency is within the vicinity.

There are bound to be fireworks and flare-ups in the coming days and weeks. We cannot anticipate where from and from whom and why but we expect it.

Stay tuned!


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Hank,
With all these Battle Royales, who are cashing on the situationand laughing all the way to the banks? None other than the law practitioners, maybe not those who have been deregistered by the Bar Council Disciplinary Committee for breach of conduct but especially those law forms who are going to represent all the affected parties concerned.
Little wonder that my late granduncle advised me not to join the ranks of those people who daintily walk in and out of the Courts and charging hefty fees to their clients. I wanted to pursue law on advice of one OP who did law in king's College after his first degree from MU. Fortunately or unfortunately I could not get Mara to finance my plan. However I have no regrets, because I served more people who have less in life and more in law in ways other than just attending Courts.

Al-Manar said...


I pretend not following these issues because whichever sides win, the big we are the losers. We spend our energy fighting the hulubalang way, with keris ,tombak and all, knowing very well our people are the end losers.

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
Now that you've mentioned it, we can't help but be reminded of when are we to see an end of the postponements relating to 'you know who'. It goes without saying many 'somebodys' are making on the side while many more are just tired of the whole thing!

kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik,
That is true.We get frustrated that resources are expended to no end when the end results may just be minimal. Somehow priorities get muddled.