Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Tribute

This is a tribute to Ma'am, one who is trying her best to push through a crash course in poetry writing for which I pray I'll measure up to her valiant efforts.
Fittingly I based it on her beautiful poem. Hopefully mine qualifies for a quatrain. Let's see.

I’m in Awe

It is beautiful, simple, mysterious and brief
Dare I venture in realms foreign to my mind
I struggled , awkward , rather crude I believe
Dare I, a novice attempt and persist in time

I’m trying, I’m trying ,pray be how do I fare
Inspired with her poem, it was such a feat
It was about what, a stable door, a mare?
How I’d wished I could be really that neat

I’ll plod on led by the hand to keep me in tow
But knowing she is there I would continue writing
To strive, to really try, a bliss, do I know?
Her poem about a horse? It is just fascinating !


ninotaziz said...

Lovely. Remember to read aloud. Take a break.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Hank,
Your effort is really fascinating. You are on the mode, buddy!

kaykuala said...

Dear Ninotaziz Ma'am,
Thanks, Yes, a couple of days.Wonder what I'll discover reading aloud. We'll see!

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
It's refreshing. It's a journey now!
Thanks buddy.

Al-Manar said...

Dear Hank,

Excuse me here. How about our friend Abdulhalimshah climbing the bandwagon berpantun - kalau tidakpun berdindang sayang?

kaykuala said...

Dear Hal,
The more the merrier. How about it. Remember your comments and my reply in my June 28th posting?

1.OP Halim's Pantun
Orang Daik Pulang ke Daik
Anak Ikan Berenang renang
Orang Baik Budi Pun Baik
Jasamu Tuan Senentiasa Dikenang

2.OP Hank's Reply
A wayward boat had lost its rudder
The prospects aren't good in bad weather
Old buddies are like no other
One good turn deserves another!

You've put in a few stanzas of comments in Pakcik's blog also I remember.

kaykuala said...

Dear Ninotaziz Ma'am,
A break, it allows me to surf. I have visited all the 4 blogs. My, a poem a week on all 4 blogs for 52 weeks, we'll end up with an anthology by year's end. That is great!
1) I may have to create a separate poems blog, looks like 2) maybe can start with one first, the toss up is for Magpie 3) maybe to give a month's lead time, beginning Dec 2010 ( to give time to be more familiar with some basic forms and vocabulary acceptable to poetry. Yes, 52 poems in a yr - that's a real challenge! Is it too much too soon?

ninotaziz said...

Dear Sir Hank,
The Magpie Tales is an excellent place to start. Willow's image prompts are thought provoking and chosen with care. My blog poemsbyninotaziz was created solely for magpietales in the beginning And I've penned about 60new poems since June after a dry spell of two years (i was too busy researching and writing my books)

But be careful. The poet blogsphere can be quite compelling. The positive vibes fr other poets is addictive. As well as the writing. And you need to give the same encouragement to other poets.

But it is really fun. I have a few poets who have become fast friends and of course many acquaintances.

No, it is not too much too soon. One poem a week is quite manageable. The question is, can you stick to once a week.

If you ever feel you want to pick up the pace, I would recommend microfiction as a second choice. The 140 character limit makes for great discipline.

Plus, it'd be great to have another Asian. There is me, one Singaporean, one Philippino-excellent poet, one from Cina, a couple from Japan, one Iranian, some poets from India on board out of maybe around 150 bloggers.

Give it a try.

kaykuala said...

Dear Ninotaziz Ma'am,
You are a gem. Since June, 60 you said? Gosh, now I believe, it's addictive! And the energy and the appetite for it? You need loads of them.

No venture, no gain. Sikit, sikit lama, lama jadi bukit.I am all fired up. Will try. Will use this blog first and see how.

Yes, the crowd is a very good mix, trancends cultures, regions - that's variety and reaching out( making it all the more interesting ).

P/S Had a peek at your new baby. She's running very fast. Just regret, me only England, no comprande Francais.
But it is most captivating. Looking at French as it is written, is like looking at batik. There's variety, hues of rainbow effect, motifs and even if you don't understand it, hearing it is itself mesmerising. Great!