Sunday, November 7, 2010


Inspired through Writer's Island Prompt # 28

Urban Adventurer

Come what may, I’m determined to go

It’s adventure with a big ‘A’ I told him so

But what can we do, it’s perplexing

Does it matter , we are just underlings

Just contain yourself, it need not start big

It need not be a pirate’s lair in the Pacific

Nor the Foreign Legion to be specific

Or up out there in outer space so to speak

Can white-water rafting on the Kelantan River ( here ) count?

Or the Queenstown Shot-Over Jet if New Zealand bound

Or mountain climbing, no, not Mount Everest , a biggie

Just maybe a wee minor round of travel to Brastagi

To be fair, it need not be that’s too testing

Nor death defying nor life threatening

For a start, let’s say something more satisfying

A big round of a dinner as a family outing!


vivinfrance said...

Your adventuring should be well within the compass of all of us. A nice take on the prompt.

Bloggin'withAmanda said...

I think the biggest adventures always start at home... i loved the ending !

Diane T said...

A big round gathering like a family dinner! Sounds like you have quite a family. My niece's father was from New Zealand and she loves it there! We did too!

Leenu said...

This adventure takes you to a safe, cosy place. Nice write.

ninotaziz said...

Marriage and family is a big adventure. Esp when you have a big family like mine. Gives you something back everyday, many fold. But we still need the experience of something new. A trip in the wilderness. I remember my foray into rock climbing which I gave up instantly!

Writing too is a big adventure!

Marja said...

Love your choice of adventure although jetboating is quite fun as well. We did it once but not in queenstown. Well written

kaykuala said...

Dear All,
Thanks for dropping by. A big family can be fun. A quiet family dinner can suddenly turn boisterous. So long as the gramps are seen in control, the little ones ( read: grandchildren - we have 5 of them ) would behave. So far so good.
A regular family dinner is cohesive to say the least.

kaykuala said...

Dear Ninotaziz Ma'am,
There'll always be fun and laughter in a big family like ours too. Now having difficulty remembering names of nieces and nephews - and they grew too fast!

Venturing out into the wilderness? May need to turn back the clock a few decades. Now it is more for sedantary and 'safe' activities

kaykuala said...

Diane and Marja Ma'am,
New Zealand, it is a living oil painting. The landscape is scenic beauty and just fantastic. A land of 5mil people and 50mil sheep.From Wellington drove through Arrowtown and Queenstown. Regret not at S.Island
glaciers. But covered the sulphur laden geysers and Maori culture in N. Island before returning. It was way back in '85 though!

norzah said...

Didn't know you have a poetic streak in you, Akhi Kaykuala. The response you get is amazing. The family dinner must have given you an inspiration like the the Merapi explosion. Keep the verses coming and there could be a transformation from a blogger to a

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
I'm trying, I'm trying! At least it helps to fill the pot. Otherwise, it would take some serious thinking on how to sustain the postings more regularly. Thanks for the kind words.

Jingle Poetry said...

you are a true poet with soaring talent, love your blog.
keep it up.

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Glad to land on your exciting poetry land here.

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Stafford Ray said...

Now that i smy kind of advneture!

kaykuala said...

To each his own. Live life to the fullest that's what we aim for. Thanks for the visit, Stafford.