Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Hot Bright Day

'On a Day Like Today is the blog of Peggy Goetz, who has been prolificly blogging since 2007. "Poetry is a view inside offered to the world" are the words a reader first encounters when entering her blog.’

Thus the introduction by Mary Kling to the Poetry Blog of the Week of 8 Nov 2010. What caught my eye is the blog heading On a Day Like Today. It brought back the nostalgic memories of a Pat Boone number entitled ‘ Love Letters in the Sand’ where the opening line is, you guessed it, On a Day Like Today

I cannot pass up the opportunity to append herewith the full lyrics of the song which may bring forth fond memories of your own. It did to me , tears in my eyes.

Love Letters in the Sand by Pat Boone

On a day like today, we passed the time away

Writing love letters in the sand

How you laughed when I cried each time I saw the tide

Take our love letters from the sand

You made a vow that you’ll ever be true

But somehow that vow meant nothing to you

Now my broken heart aches with every wave that breaks

Over love letters in the sand

Below is my response to On A Day Like Today ( Haiku styled)

A Hot Bright Day

Benevolent might

The sun burning strong and bright

Extending its right

None is as so blind

Over the whole universe

So true and so kind

But cold winds and rain

Made an appearance of pain

Without much restraint

The big oak stood tall

Bravely it withstood the threat

Not likely to fall

Piercing bright and clear

Strong straight rays over yonder

The sun did appear

Help given sincere

Glistening on nature’s child

As did happen here


ninotaziz said...

Love letters in the sand...my late Dad's favourite song alongside Pat Boone, favorite singer. Memories.

The poetry? Brilliant!

kaykuala said...

I'll say it again. You are too fast, Ma'am. I was still frantically trying to link my blog and I saw your kind comments already registered. Thanks a lot!

Mary said...

This is interesting. I had not realized that the first lines of "Love Letters in the Sand" were "On a day like today." Thanks for pointing this out!! Nice to meet you here in Poets United!

Peggy said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog "On a Day Like Today" and for the link to the song. Now that you mention it I remember that song and line very well but had not thought of it in a long time. Funny how things can creep out of the unconscious!! Nice to meet you.

kaykuala said...

Mary and Peggy Ma'am,
Nice meeting both of you in Poets United. I will make regular visits from now on.