Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Destitutes and Homeless

The Deprived Beings

Standing tall kind soul

Extending your alms around

Sharing your kindness

with all the poor beings

The summer’s sun beating down

on the vanquished ones

Let them live awhile

There is hope where there is life

They need to survive

Submitted: for One Shoot Sunday at One Shot Poetry

Labels: Haiku


Claudia said...

there is hope where there is true and we shouldn't give up on it to the last minute..

M.L. Gallagher said...

There is hope where there is life

So very very true.

Brian Miller said...

and we give them life in recognizing them as human and not refuse...

Allie said...

I particularly liked your line about where there is hope there is life.

Reflections said...

There is hope where there is life, powerful words. And if only more could see the life beyond the clothes, beyond the desolate eyes.

kaykuala said...

Yes, there's hope where there is life. Thank you all for dropping by.

Jingle said...

uplifting message.