Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembering Kashmir

Note: This poem was earlier posted on Oct 18, 2010. It was not linked to any other blogs then. It is now revamped and linked to jingle poetry's pot luck as an entry.

There's a paradise tucked away in the mountains far north. It is to be seen to be appreciated. I was there for a week way back in 1973. The serenity of undisturbed nature was just overwhelming. It brought back fond memories to inspire this!

( dedicated to Ma'am who advised me to be brief and careful on choice of words)


Much maligned, holiday blues
What am I in for?
Diamond- like , morning dews
Droplets , shining , pierced by the Sun
Tell me more!

Rivulets of clear streams
Cascading down the mountain side

Say, am I dreaming?
immersed in the Kashmiri landscape
No, say no more , it’s a story that’s no ending

Fly Air Asia, onwards to Gulmarg and Pahalgam
Bring me back the blue sky, of mountains snow-capped

of rosy cheeks and lovely maidens

of flowers, house-boats and Dal Lake
gushing streams crystal clear
Kashmir….., I remember thee once of yesteryear

Undisturbed , decidedly picturesque, untouched ,
yearnings beyond,
markedly wishing
for Srinagar again beckons!


Jingle Poetry said...

welcome to Jingle Poetry potluck...
your participation tickles...

a beautiful poem,
skillfully done.


kaykuala said...

Thanks for the invite. It sounds to be fun.

Jingle said...

awards 4 u...

Happy Wednesday, feel free to visit a few poets from our list.

Pastor Bill said...

Nice images. I enjoyed this. - bill

ninotaziz said...

Very lovely. aahhh, I'd love to book those Air Asia tickets for two to Kashmir.

kaykuala said...

It is imploring AA to go there. Not sure if they already have. They weren't around in '73, though

kaykuala said...

Hi Jingle,
I was under the impression 'my sister lives too far away' is a prompt. I quickly responded with 'I'm King....'
Anyway, it doesn't really matter. I was only surprised that I could create one in a jiffy when inspired with a prompt.

Thanks for the awards!

kaykuala said...

Pastor Bill,
Thanks for dropping by.