Thursday, June 2, 2011

Night Fishing

Angling at Lumut
Nostalgia Series # 02 : Lumut 1989

Joe fixed up a night of angling along the coast of Lumut. There were 4 of us in a local fishing boat. The better of the night was spent in scooping up squids for bait. We just shined our torchlights into the water. The inquisitive squids would surface to be scooped up easily.
An experienced angler told us not to expect much the early part of the night. True enough. We were just rocking and swaying in the boat. When dark the  unaccustomed were not able to doze off but had to put up with the rocking of the boat even though it was still water.
The rocking got 2 of us seasick. We could manage a small catch initially, but the break of dawn was when they took to the bait.

Hank at the bow of the boat around midnight waiting for the bites.

Joe got overly excited with his catch in early morning.

Joe tryng hard to land a ray fish

Hank with a biggie grouper. It was quite a testing time trying to land the catch. We could finally do it with the pole with a hook at its end to pull it in.

Joe and Ahmad with the same catch lifting it with the pole.