Friday, December 17, 2010

The Mistletoe

Merry Christmas!

Will I get my wish seemingly
Of splendor as in the ‘White Christmas’ movie
Of strains of the nostalgic rendition of Crosby
Gripping my soul tenaciously

Stretched across the doorway invitingly
Markedly a symbol of love and fertility
Of red, yellow and green like berries
The mistletoe sprig rather sparingly
Nudging the hearts of the uncanny
Splashed of blind innocence truly
Radiant with dreams of romance invitingly

Would you care for a kiss my fair lady?

And Merry Christmas everybody!

Inspired by the One Stop Poetry - Friday's Holiday Poetry

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Queen of My Life

Loving Care

Queen of hearts Mommy dear
Aren’t you lighting my life?
Smile a little, massage my pride
I’m all alone

Baby Jane trying my utmost
To be a Mom, to endure, restraint and refrain

But Mommy dear
A little baby me all alone, all forlorn
craving imploring
Extend to me,the sun, the moon, the high seas

I’m a little baby me
It’s for the whole world to see
Christmas around the corner
Satisfaction is my plea

Inspired by willow's Magpie#45

Monday, December 13, 2010


Note: The brand name on the detergent box at the bottom of the picture was clearly seen as 'Ivorine' in the original photo ( but somewhat blurred here).

A Maid's Dilemma

Must I try another?
They seemed all the same
But Madam's lingerie
was all tattered
The previous one was bad
A repeat tryout again?

(139 characters)

Inspired by Stony River's Micro Fiction Mondays #61

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Exotic East

The Wondrous Twin Towers

Piercing through the sky
The Petronas Twin Towers
Pride of the nation

Still the tallest twin structure
Of strong glass and steel

A peek at beauty
Dominating the skyline
Sensuously bidding

It’s awe unfulfilled
Wondrous blogosphere crowd
take a bee-line to

The exotic East
for Kuala Lumpur beckons
tourists, guests and all!

My bit for Tourism Malaysia

A haiku submitted for Writer's Island prompt#33 : Wondrous

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Current Cold Spell

A White Christmas?

A wooden sled in hibernation
The weather should change I implored last summer
Longing for the fluffy white spray from heaven
My urging’s to roll and romp outdoor

It was tormenting to the young soul
Ever anticipating but blind to the seeing eye
Impatience reigned, the torture enhanced
Questions in my mind, bring me the snow, I did cry

When it did , it romped home wild
The highways were blocked,
rivers hardened
The airplanes were grounded
and airports abandoned
What’s happening!
The weather’s unleashed its fury
Floods, blizzards the cold at below twenty
The worst since in recent memory
It’ll soon end I'm hoping
A decent winter in the offing!

Submitted to Willow's Magpie #44

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Speed Fiend


Be forewarned
On the road I was way in front
I weaved in and out of traffic
Get out of my way!
I was the fastest,
a speed hero once before

(140 characters)

Inspired by Micro Fiction # 60

Friday, December 3, 2010

What's Wrong, People!

It's Weird!

Given the run around, that’s bureaucracy

Given the nod, that’s matrimony

Given the millions, that’s alimony

Given the snubs, that’s Gaddafi

Given the Osama, that’s infamy

Given the escapades, that’s Woods and Rooney

Given the release that’s Aung San Suu Kyi

Given the late nights, that’s Berlusconi

Given the baldy, that’s Britney

Given the the Throne, Charles or Willie?

Given the current spell, it’s cold and snowy

Given the Top Hits, Jackson and Presley

Given the laughs, that’s Chaplin, Lewis and Carrey

Given the the 2 Koreas, it’s a flare-up and hostility

Given the strengths and tumble that’s the WWE

Given the long stretch, that’s Maddox and his cronies

Given the WikiLeaks , the Administration’s jittery

Given soccer’s wizardry, that’s Pele

Given Susan Boyle’s appearance, that’s discovery

Given the MU’s unbeaten run that’s Alex Fergie

Given the knock off Top of the Table , that’s Ancelotti and Chelsea

Given the youngest F1 Champ, Vettel , that’s at the Grand Prix Abu Dhabi

Given ever lasting beauty, that’s Liz Taylor or Jolie?

Given the Kung Fu Chops, that’s Bruce Lee

Given every high regards and respect, that’s Mandela and Gandhi

Given the hate that’s Hitler and Mussolini

Given the bubble , inflation risks, that’s the Global economy

Given the tears, govt defaults, that’s the euro-zone currency

Given the job that’s Obama and the Presidency

Given the slip, that’s democracy!

Submitted for Thursday's Think Tank No 25

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow On The Door Step

Winter's Here

Dreaded London smog
Dark, wet, tunnel like, pitch-black
Left us all agog

Hark! apparitions
Prancing low in the shadows
Are you not concerned?

Must stop, venture not
Eerie, frightful , hair on ends
Winter’s sneaking in!

Let me see the sun
Where is it in abundance ?
Langkawi , my friend!

Inspired by willows’s Magpie # 43

Note: This haiku was earlier posted on October 24, 2010 but was not linked anywhere.