Thursday, December 31, 2009

“….Where Art Thou Tiger?”

Ever since the seemingly minor accident on Nov 27, 2009 in Florida that involved Tiger Woods (his wife’s presence at the scene was initially thought to have been to help him but rather she was there to knock him senseless with a 3-wood) he has not been seen since. What transpired at the accident scene was mired with murky circumstances without anyone the wiser on what really happened, even now.

Eldrick Tont Woods better known as Tiger had come off clean from day one.There was no attempt on his part to deny nor to spin stories. He could not have as there were his conquests 14 of them (now 15). They were ever ready for a 'tell all',telling bedtime stories, of their times with Tiger, to whomsoever - for a fee (even complete with voice mail messages)

Tiger could not therefore talk otherwise except for the only recourse he took with his statements on his web-site, where he apologized and explained - but nowhere was he to be seen. It was rumoured he was heading to the Bahamas in his luxury yacht but the yacht had not moved. It was still at its moorings at the pier.

When he played at the Mines Golf Resort at Sungai Besi way back in 1999 he could command an ‘appearance money’ of RM1 mil (USD?)just to be present and only just to play (winnings were extra) With his absence he has now given a whole new meaning to such a thing as ‘disappearance money’. Even when he 'disappeared' he could still be valuable. However, it was not for himself but for those tracking him. It was reported that a paparazzi snapshot of him now is worth USD300k. Whether you see him on the fairways or you don't he can still command big money. Such is the man.

The world’s wealthiest athlete estimated to earn about US$100 million a year in endorsement deals before his troubles were known, is just as priceless, whether he is seen around or otherwise. We are going to feel the void in 2010 though, as he is to lay off golf for the time being.

So golf forthwith will not be described as, a ‘game where 30 white men with clubs in their hands aggressively chasing a black man, and still not able to inflict any harm to the black man’. Now it will be just some ‘white guys chasing each other around the links and the familiar 'maroon-shirted champ’ on the final day is to be sadly missed.

However much the golf pundits insist that it will not affect the game, it is a foregone conclusion that it will. Golf ratings would definitely plummet down tremendously.

In fact in a report today,(according to a study by two economics professors from the University of California, Davis) the sex scandal may have cost shareholders of companies endorsed by Tiger up to a cool US$12 billion (RM41.2b) in losses.

Tiger in the meantime continued to be the butt of jokes from various quarters. The latest had him as a walking sex machine, generously endowed with a penchant for Latinos. He does not need Viagra but brought out the ‘Tiagra’ in him instead.

Actually the journos are the ones having a field day with a vengeance. They could not do it before on a squeaky clean guy, a goody-two-shoes with an unblemished record both on and off the fairways. Now they can.

Tiger would have to take it. When you are down, you are down. You are not to be heard nor to be seen just yet. Take a leaf from what both Bill Clinton and David Beckham had gone through. It was bad when it lasted but now both are respectable gentlemen and walking tall.

There’s a caveat though. While the spouses of both Clinton and Beckham stood by their men, Tigers’s wife Erin Nordegren talked of ‘separate holidays, separate living (she had already chosen a house to go back to in Sweden) and separation’.

It seemed there was a nuptial agreement so there may be a cap to the extent of compensation and Tiger is not facing the prospects of a bottomless pit in alimony payments. It is not 'much' just USD1bil. Erin likewise would have to think real hard, that a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush so why make a big thing out of it.He's on the defensive, just stay cool and make sure he does not stray too much.

Hopefully both could have the resolve to pick up the pieces and start anew especially with 2 beautiful kids to get them going.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Déjà vu – Idol Outcome in Malam Sehati Berdansa

It just did not seem right, it’s just not fair. The favourite just missed out in not being crowned the winner. Yes, many were of the opinion the outcome did not reflect the real consensus. Even the reviews by the many journos before the final had analysed and expected a different outcome.

Yes, I’m talking of Adam Lambert or Adam Lembut, destined for fame as the American Idol winner last season 8, but not quite.It was déjà vu last Saturday night Dec 26,2009, reminiscent of the Idol final night.

Kris Allen, the underdog, the American Idol of season 8, was surprised, much to being embarrassed. When the results were announced, he had to pull Adam nearer to his side as though wanting to share the limelight which he subconsciously thought was undeserving to accept.

Last Saturday night OP Nazril and Sazzy relived the episode of the Idol final night. Being favourites it was difficult for the live audience to comprehend. They were rooting for their favourite pair. The shouts were loudest for them. However, OP Nazril and Sazzy lost out to the eventual winner, Sein and Nana.

While not wanting to take the credit off from the commendable efforts of Sein and Nana, it was not their fault in any case, they came, they performed and they won.
However the trend was very apparent even before that. Sein and Nana received very high SMS counts in weeks leading to the final.

While OP Nazril and Sazzy were tops on the dance floor ( the jury gave them a 100 perfect score on 3 occasions, remember?) they were trailing on the SMS count. So since the final night was based entirely on a 100% SMS count, they were done for.
There was no way they could have won. There seemed to be ‘unseen hands’ pushing for higher SMS counts against them. The less said the better.

If all others remain equal, cēterīs paribus, OP Nazril and Sazzy to me and to many others were the winners hands down.

Adam Lambert now dubbed Adam ‘Glambert‘ being the glamour guy that he is, even though runner-up, is seen, heard and had chalked up better success than the American Idol winner in their post-final days.

OP Nazril and Sazzy, if you are good, you are good, never mind what the SMS had determined. Enjoy your second honeymoon in Australia! That being part of the prizes that you had richly deserved.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nights of Dancing Togetherness

On Saturday the night of Dec 20th. 2009, I found myself in front of the idiot box glued on the reality show Malam Sehati Berdansa (for want of a better one may roughly be translated as ‘Nights of Dancing Togetherness’ or thereabouts )

This was one of the rare occasions that I allowed myself the luxury of TV time. And I managed to sit through the whole show for a good reason.
It was mainly to see how my favourite pair Nazril and Sazzy were doing. They were the early favourites and they managed to hold on tenaciously to their position. According to my beloved wife Shadah (who had never missed a single episode) Nazril and Sazzy were awarded 100 points by a ‘jury’ twice before.

This happened again on Saturday night for the third time when Fauziah Latif awarded them 100 points for the ‘romantic’ sequence, one of two dance sequences they had to do. They came away with good credentials that night.

OP (Old Putera) Nazril Mohd Idrus was a tiny tot way back in the mid - ‘70s when I first knew him. His late father Allahyarham Mohd Idrus Ahmad (we were colleagues at the NPC) and mum Rohani were family friends. Together with others at the NPC then ( namely Arshad and Khalidah, Allahyarham Ruslan and Siti Hawa Salleh (now Datuk, Dr), Ibrahim and Sharifah, Ahmad Berek and Aishah, Tembun and Aminah, and OP Mahyudin and Rohani (now Dr) ) there were frequent family gatherings. OP Nazril was barely 3 years old then and his brother Naza a few years older.
We did not get to meet as a group when I later left the NPC to join another organization. OP Nazril in the meantime grew up, became an OP, became a Chartered Accountant and became the Chief Consultant of his own in Damansara Perdana. What a small world there is!

In the case of Sazzy, it is also still a small world pleasantly enough. Her uncle, OP Shamsul Qamar Tan Sri Kadir was my contemporary in the early ‘60s. We were both at Pasar Road Primary, Victoria Institution and the RMC.

The last I met OP Shamsul was some years ago when I went to visit him at Kg Lubuk Kelubi in Ulu Langat. He had the foresight of acquiring a few acres of prime land which he converted into a number of fish ponds. He had an ingenious way of getting clean, clear, and fresh water for his fish ponds by connecting a network of pipes from a mountain stream on higher grounds from across the road to his land. The anglers who frequented the ponds (he charged them a fee then) must have been attracted by the fresh, pure and unpolluted water ( I wonder if it is still on as it was quite some time ago) Incidentally, Sazzy’s father is OP (Dato’) Shamsul Falak. I did not get to meet him though as he joined the RMC much later in the late ‘60s
So much for the digression.

It is now confirmed that the top two couples, OP Nazril and Sazzy and Sein and Nana will be dancing for the coveted title next week ie the 10th and final week.
One more fact that needs mentioning. OP Nazril was awarded the Board of Governor’s Prize in 1991. (awarded to a Putera who excelled in sports) In the course of the nine weeks, in the Malam Sehati Berdansa he had exploited his sporting prowess to good effect (which was equally matched by Sazzy)
Their agility, rough and tumble at times but balanced with delicate movements mostly, was just poetry to see and of course, their easily recognizable good looks would put them on a higher pedestal.
OP Nazril and Sazzy are up against an outsider in Sein and Nana. The couple who was eliminated last Saturday night, Isma and Zul had consistently chalked up good ratings before but they faltered when it mattered.
All goes to show that OP Nazril and Sazzy (even though favourites), must stamp their authority next week. There are no two ways about it. While we, (‘budak boys’ and OPs everywhere) are solidly behind you.

Keep the good flag flying and Good Luck to you both!