Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Brother's Charges

These pictures were taken many years ago at various locations. During the recent festive holidays there were some requests from my nephews and nieces to see my collection of slides and photos. These may be of interest to those featured. Those whose photos are not here will get to see them as and when later.

Nostalgia Series #5
Dec 1974: Ipoh
Image1: Ghafar with Ebby

 Image2: Munah's turn with Ebby

 Image3: Shadah, Munah with Ebby and Saba

Dec 1974: K.Pilah
Image1: Adura and Abang Am at Grandma's

Dec 1975: Ipoh
Image1 : Adura with Ebby

 Image2: Abang Am playing downstairs

June1978: PJ
Image1: Razak,Hafee,Dayang,Ebby and Abang Am

 Image2: Adura,Dayang,Ebby and Abang Am

 Image3: Dayang found something on Pak Teh's car

 Image4: Abang Am,Ebby and Dayang

June 1979 PJ
Image1: Shadah,Hafi,Adura and Ebby

 June1981 TTDI                                                      
Image1: Hafi,Alifi,Dayang and Adura
Back Row: Alizi,Abang Am and Ebby

 Oct 1982 TTDI
Image1: Abang Am,Alizi,Faiz,Adura and Dayang

Image2: Azlan all by himself

Apr 1985 Ampang Park
Image1: Nana and Azlan

Image2: The 2 again

Image3: Ebby and someone

Image4: Abang Am and Azlan

Image5: Abang Am and Dayang

Image6: Azlan and Nana

Image7: The 2 again

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Merdeka Day

Image1: Our first Prime Minister YAM Tengku Abdul Rahman being received upon arrival in conjunction with the Silver Jubilee of Merdeka in 1982
(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Utusan Malaysia)

Image2: FDC of the Silver Jubilee 1957-1982

Image3: Souvernir Sheet of the 4 stamps

FDC Series # 01/11 – Silver Jubilee of Merdeka 1957-1982

Merdeka Day ( Aug 31st) and Malaysia Day (Sept 16th )

For this year, 2011,we’re celebrating both the 2 auspicious days jointly on Sept 16, 2011 ie  The 54th Anniversary of Independence, Merdeka Day and the 48th Anniversary of the formation of Malaysia, Malaysia Day.

I do not wish to dwell on the details relating to both these important days. It could be dealt with at other forums that are available. One can google for Wikipedia to get a fair picture.

What triggered off the idea for this posting was a pictorial report in a local daily of our first Prime Minister, YAM Tengku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj who was shown  on the occasion of the 25th Merdeka  Anniversary in 1982 (see above) it being the Silver Jubilee 1957-82 of Merdeka.

 I thought it would be meaningful for me to rummage through my collections of FDCs (First Day Covers) to see if there is one. True enough, I have it. In fact not just one but a few, 25 pieces altogether.  I have given some away during the recent Hari Raya which fell on Aug 30th ( in appreciation of those who came visiting ) Each of these FDCs issued on Aug 31st 1982 is ‘29 years old’. I wonder how much is the value now. Not much I think but there is a difference from what I had paid definitely.  

There were a 10,15,50 and 80cts stamps affixed and cancelled at the Philatelic Bureau at Dayabumi  ( a special cancellation unlike at other Post Offices) There was also a special issue of all the 4 stamps in a Souvenir sheet at RM1.55 per set. Altogether I would have spent RM 1.55 for the Souvenir Sheet and RM1.65 for the FDC ( including 10ct for the envelope) making a total of RM3.20cts per set.