Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Lizard

Image1: A Leopard Gecko
(Photo Credit, courtesy of Google)

Image2: A Leopard Gecko being handled by a pet owner
(Photo Credit, courtesy of Google)

Image3: I found this little creature in the backyard one morning. It is just a common lizard in the bush called cengkarung (of no monetary value)

The Elusive Cure

I happened to run smack into a little creature on the stalk of my papaya tree. I took some snapshots at different times but mostly for two mornings

It’s been variously described as an animal holding out. Its ancestors were dated to the dinosaurs' era. It’s distant cousins are the alligators , fresh water crocodiles,monitor lizards, the desert dhab and the Komodo dragon.

Interestingly enough, all these ‘cousins’ were known to us before. They  were either to be avoided (alligators and crocodiles) treated with respect or considered a nuisance (house lizards) or even as barbecued offerings for those adventurous enough and not squeamish about having them for dinner.

What was surprising was that in recent times one of these geckos have been adopted as pets . They came in different colours and texture and traded and exchanged among pet owners. Not enough with that a report recently had them as a cure for AIDS and priced accordingly at close to USD1000 or even double that in the Philippines.

What people will pay for the elusive cure!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Azhar Growing Up!

A Recent Snapshot: Azhar with his office colleague Syam

Nostalgia Series #4
These are selected snapshots of Azhar. I have a lot of coloured slides gathering dust in one corner. I decided to post some selected ones here (which otherwise Azhar himself might not even have seen , especially the earlier ones)
1988 TTDI K. Lumpur
Very modest 1st birthday cake-cutting
From Left: Hank, Azhar cutting the cake and Hafidz

Image: 2. At the airport lounge

1988 Subang Airport
Image: 1. Azhar snugly in his pram awaiting embarkation to the USA

Image: 2. At the airport lounge
1988 Japan
Transit in a Tokyo hotel awaiting connecting flight in the evening. Azhar with his mama, Shadah

1988 Chicago's O'Hare Airport, USA
Awaiting connecting flight to Orlando, Florida with brother Hafidz.  Azhar gleefully holding his boarding pass

1988 At the Epcot Centre, Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Image: 1. Saying 'Hello' to Pinnoccio upon arrival at Disney World

Image: 2 Disney Main Street
Image: 3 Disney Main Street
From Left: Shadah, Azlin and Hafidz. and Little Azhar in the pram

The Dome in the background at the Epcot Centre

1988 Florida
Visiting the Crocodile sanctuary on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida
with sis Azlin
1988 Kissimmee , Florida
Window shopping at a Mall
1990 TTDI K. Lumpur
Azhar with his 1st vehicle before his MyV

1995 Los Angeles Disneyland
Image 1: Azhar with his Mama Shadah

Image: 2 At the Shark and Dolphin Enclosures

Image: 3 Patting the dolphin
Image: 4 In front of the famous Walt Disney castle with sis Azlin

Image: 5 In front of Dumbo the Baby Elephant ride

1995 Los Angeles Universal Studios
Image: 1 Waiting to see the various attractions
From Left: Hafidz, Hank, Azlin, Mama Shadah and Azhar

Image: 2 Meeting cowboy Woody of Toy Story fame

1996: Pulau Tioman
By the rocks after a swim
1997: Singapore
Image: 1 Jurong Bird-Park with  Mama Shadah

Image: 2 Underwater World

Image: 3 A swim at Sentosa Island, Singapore

1997: Bali, Indonesia
1998: Sacramento, USA
The gentleman joined us as he was playing alone. He played only 1 nine with us.

1998: Lake Tahoe/ Reno USA
Image: 1 Azhar experiencing snow for the first time

Image: 2 Azhar waiting his turn for the snow scooter. Actually the scooter rink was a part of the local golf course converted such during winter.

Image: 3 Azhar on board with Azlin

Image: 4 A snapshot before having lunch at Lake Tahoe

1998: Marine World, Vellajo (located south near San Francisco)
Image: 1 Azhar, Azlin, Bonda Mariam (Shadah's Mom) and Shadah

Image: 2 Azhar enjoying his favourite, his ice cream. In the back-ground the twisting roller-coaster.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Selamat Berpuasa

Image 1: Hafidz holding up Naqib. Retrace back one year ago when Naqib was born (here)

Image 2: Nabil and Sarah Aishah

Image 3: Norman, Nabil and Sarah Aishah with food in front of them.

Selamat Berpuasa and a Birthday Do

I’m a Leo guy. Today Aug 01 is my birthday. It is also the first day of Puasa. A combination of 2 very auspicious days personally to me and such a wonderful coincidence that augurs well for the ensuing year!.

Happy Birthday Hank! Each passing day is a day older. At this age it is a bonus! Selamat berpuasa to everyone!

Pray do to ALLAH SWT the Almighty to extend good health, good tidings and prosperity for me and for everyone in the family. The wish is also for all my friends for the kind support and wonderful companionship in blogosphere.

Yesterday, Hafidz called Shadah suggesting to celebrate Abah’s birthday. Almost everyone were around except for Kimie and Azhar. Kimie had gone outstation with Fahmi the day before and Azhar had a prior engagement with Yana. We adjourned to a neighbourhood shop catering for Chinese Muslim cuisine for a modest birthday do.

Azhar sprung a pleasant surprise early this morning when he presented me with a nicely wrapped ‘ Doctor in the House’. I had yearned for Che Det’s book ( but had not indicated to Azhar) Somehow he could read my mind. I never missed Che Det’s blog postings, He has a knack for expressing his thoughts in very simple language and his English is that easy to understand and to appreciate.