Monday, November 29, 2010

Robin's Heads of Cattle

Pulling a Fast One!

You rustled these from Robin Hood?
Yes Master,they ran helter skelter
You mean..?
Yes, Big John,Friar Tuck..
But that's not Maid Marion!

(140 characters)

Inspired by Susan's Micro Fiction No 59

Friday, November 26, 2010

We are fortunate...


Seeing the sun rise
In the morning, be grateful
Loved ones are with you

We are fortunate
To be blessed with little things
Ignored by others

They crave for solace
Which so often escape them
But we are lucky

So common for most
Looking upwards to the sky
We offer our thanks!

A Haiku inspired by Poet United's - The Thursday Think Tank No. 25

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Trophy


Discarded, sadly
Left, dirty unashamedly
In the big old trunk

Had seen better days
Accolades galore, big fans
Cheerleaders shouting

‘We are the champions
Yes, yes we are the champions’
Now just memories

Usual consequence
It was a fleeting moment
That was all it got!

Submitted for Willow's Magpie 42

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Fatal Mistake


No more Red-nosed
Nor running nor jumping
Only just NF, Not Falling!
That's all
Just stuck to the wall
It took
Just one fatal mistake!

Inspired by Susan's MicroFiction Monday # 58

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed


Wings spread you hovered above

Then gracefully you swooped down fast

In a death grip you snatched them

You held them and then

away you flew into the sky

You took your time to tear them apart

They never had a chance

Your beak your claws and your talons ,

all functioned in unison

A lethal death machine

On any typical day it was a daily occurrence

You would send them scurrying

across the plains

Chicken, rabbits ,squirrels and rats

Vulnerable , they were not spared

Sharp - eyed you picked your fancy

Without mercy

Poets United : Inspired by the prompt ‘Wings’ of the Thursday Think Tank #24

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Auntie Jane's Unfinished Story

The Attic

It’s creepy. It’s eerie

It’s full of knick knacks

Throwaways most of them

Auntie Jane was such a darling

‘none to be disposed of, you hear me’?

Was it an order or a desperate plea

Never had the chance to know for sure

She passed on and nobody dared

and nobody tried

The old tennis racket, its guts snapped

The broken frame stood its ground

Uncle Joe’s tool box, atop his soiled overalls, smeared

Nothing’s changed, nothing’s disturbed

John, had not ventured in for decades

He did not want to be surprised at finding something weird

Alice his sister though closer to their mother was all jitters talking about it

‘I want to see what’s in there but dear mother stopped us’

Was it a mere excuse or was it untold fright

Heard say there were skeletons inside

Long ago Uncle Joe’s farm-hand, Jack , apparently defied the odds

The moment he stepped in he threw up gave a loud squeal and dead he dropped

Thereafter, no one dared venture in

It was left, dark, drab, and cold within

But I’m one not fearful of ghosts though , I’m just curious

What’s inside I must see, yes , the day is today

Not a second longer, it is now

‘Hear ye apparitions, I’m coming in, I’ve made a vow

Neither hell, fire nor high water is going to stop me’

I’ve made up my mind come what may

This is it, I’m slowly making my way,

Up the rickety steps, of old wooden planks

That creaked under my weight

I’m now at the door, I dusted the knob

turned it, nothing happened

Needs another stronger twist I imagine

Stronger this time and,

‘ Wham!’

All hell broke loose.

‘Who wrenched away at the door, huh?’

That’s awfully rude of you

Okay, you’re back from your graveyard shift

But have some consideration, please!

I was on to something

But you startled me from sleep

It could have developed into an interesting dream!

Submitted for Willow's Magpie 41 and Jingle's Poetry Potluck - Magic & Miracles

Monday, November 15, 2010



waiting for the right move

your breed is fierce

a fighter no less


Do we see one

fighting for justice

on the side of the law?

Submitted for Susan's Microfiction Monday's # 57

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Destitutes and Homeless

The Deprived Beings

Standing tall kind soul

Extending your alms around

Sharing your kindness

with all the poor beings

The summer’s sun beating down

on the vanquished ones

Let them live awhile

There is hope where there is life

They need to survive

Submitted: for One Shoot Sunday at One Shot Poetry

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