Saturday, January 23, 2016

‘Why must it happen again?

Image: A Couple on their Wedding Day (here)

Splashed over the news that many had anticipated. Not for a juicy story but more out of sympathy.

‘Why must it happen again? Many kept asking

Once bitten twice shy so it had been said. But now it had happened again. It had been brewing in the social media but now confirmed

‘Corporate figure seen leaving the family court teary-eyed' went the headline

His wife had been awarded the equivalent of a decree nisi. Though there were still hopes for the husband but she was adamant. She was contending for an absolute divorce given time.

The husband is a successful businessman wealthy and good looking. His first marriage was also to a beautiful young actress 10 years ago very much his junior. It broke the hearts of many young suitors.

Local tradition required newly-weds to be seated on a dais to be ogled at. The twinkle in her eyes and her captivating smile none could forget It was dubbed the wedding of the year a gala event All were for the wedding.

But it was not to be. Two years later they were divorced. She had a son.! She then went back to acting again with some notable ones to her credit. She was still in demand, popular pretty and prim.

He went back to his calling. setting new directions for his business and reviewing plans It gave him the respite to work wholeheartedly for what he thought had been ‘neglected'.

She in the meantime was not bitter. She maintained good relations, especially with her twin sisters-in-law. The family even took her along on holidays.

But still a man without a woman's touch would feel restless and lonely. It went on for four years. He then announced a shocker one day. He had just been betrothed to an actress and marriage plans were being worked on.

She was just as pretty and young. The current #1 actress in the local scene. A pretty face her's had adorned the many publicity ads and promotions on TV and the print media. It was a coup and again it broke the hearts of the young suitors. Wonder what he had that we did not, they kept saying!

Fast forward three years with two children in tow and there he was walking out of the family court

A corporate success who had it made overriding the many employees of caliber. It was just inconceivable that he failed to maintain harmony in just a family unit. .Were there interference and meddling by third parties?

Was it the first ex-wife with the connivance of the twins? There were some nasty Whatsapp messages that went the rounds prior to the divorce but vehemently denied. There was also a substantial flow of messages purportedly from the mother-in-law that gave accounts of the sins of the second wife. These appeared credible as only she was privy to many of the events mentioned. All were in defense of her son at the expense of the wife.

Was it he himself wanting yet to ‘debauch' a pretty face telling the whole world he could do it again. Would there be a third actress wife in the offing?

We can only mention what goes around comes around! Nothing haunts quite like Karma!
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