Saturday, August 6, 2011

Azhar Growing Up!

A Recent Snapshot: Azhar with his office colleague Syam

Nostalgia Series #4
These are selected snapshots of Azhar. I have a lot of coloured slides gathering dust in one corner. I decided to post some selected ones here (which otherwise Azhar himself might not even have seen , especially the earlier ones)
1988 TTDI K. Lumpur
Very modest 1st birthday cake-cutting
From Left: Hank, Azhar cutting the cake and Hafidz

Image: 2. At the airport lounge

1988 Subang Airport
Image: 1. Azhar snugly in his pram awaiting embarkation to the USA

Image: 2. At the airport lounge
1988 Japan
Transit in a Tokyo hotel awaiting connecting flight in the evening. Azhar with his mama, Shadah

1988 Chicago's O'Hare Airport, USA
Awaiting connecting flight to Orlando, Florida with brother Hafidz.  Azhar gleefully holding his boarding pass

1988 At the Epcot Centre, Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Image: 1. Saying 'Hello' to Pinnoccio upon arrival at Disney World

Image: 2 Disney Main Street
Image: 3 Disney Main Street
From Left: Shadah, Azlin and Hafidz. and Little Azhar in the pram

The Dome in the background at the Epcot Centre

1988 Florida
Visiting the Crocodile sanctuary on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida
with sis Azlin
1988 Kissimmee , Florida
Window shopping at a Mall
1990 TTDI K. Lumpur
Azhar with his 1st vehicle before his MyV

1995 Los Angeles Disneyland
Image 1: Azhar with his Mama Shadah

Image: 2 At the Shark and Dolphin Enclosures

Image: 3 Patting the dolphin
Image: 4 In front of the famous Walt Disney castle with sis Azlin

Image: 5 In front of Dumbo the Baby Elephant ride

1995 Los Angeles Universal Studios
Image: 1 Waiting to see the various attractions
From Left: Hafidz, Hank, Azlin, Mama Shadah and Azhar

Image: 2 Meeting cowboy Woody of Toy Story fame

1996: Pulau Tioman
By the rocks after a swim
1997: Singapore
Image: 1 Jurong Bird-Park with  Mama Shadah

Image: 2 Underwater World

Image: 3 A swim at Sentosa Island, Singapore

1997: Bali, Indonesia
1998: Sacramento, USA
The gentleman joined us as he was playing alone. He played only 1 nine with us.

1998: Lake Tahoe/ Reno USA
Image: 1 Azhar experiencing snow for the first time

Image: 2 Azhar waiting his turn for the snow scooter. Actually the scooter rink was a part of the local golf course converted such during winter.

Image: 3 Azhar on board with Azlin

Image: 4 A snapshot before having lunch at Lake Tahoe

1998: Marine World, Vellajo (located south near San Francisco)
Image: 1 Azhar, Azlin, Bonda Mariam (Shadah's Mom) and Shadah

Image: 2 Azhar enjoying his favourite, his ice cream. In the back-ground the twisting roller-coaster.


Mishilicious Mishi said...

your son is so lucky to have visited all those places while he was a kid...the pictures are lovely ..I liked them all...Nice page!:-)

Al-Manar said...

Gambar gambar lama membawa kenangan manis. Rasanya gambar lama dalam album lebik memberi nilai daripada simpang dalam computer. Pegang bukr album pun dah rasa lain

kaykuala said...

Dear Pak Cik,
In time my albums were all in tatters and the colours of the prints faded.The negatives were all mixed up. I then switched to coloured slides. After a few years the slides had now got mouldy and began to get spoiled. I'm having them scanned and stored in an external drive in separate folders. In the meantime I would select a few at a time and make blog entries where there are narrations to explain when and where.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

you are an amazing dad...


Jannie Funster said...

WOW -- so much love in life and this post. You are both so lucky to have each other.

This leaves me happy and refreshed for all of love and mankind!

rubyahmad27 said...

you must be proud of your son..syabas...

Wizardofozone said...

Hank..awesome..all the pain& trouble u took to produce the "birdhouse." Your love for yr son is boundless. Take care

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Make Your Choice -SAW