Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm At Odds

This is inspired by prompt no. 29 for 2010, 0f Writer's Island: Quandry

I’m in a Quandry

He swore he’s not going to lose sleep over it,

Afterall it was such a trivial matter

He didn’t expect it could come to this

Others had been guilty of far worst

Can’t we just let bygones be bygones?

To ere is human and to forgive is divine

Let us trace how it began

It happened innocently enough

She bumped into her

Whom she hadn’t seen the likes since they went separate ways

Dictated by her father’s transfer

The vagaries of the job of a law officer

Ever changing house,

ever on the move

What was it, 10 yrs ago?

Yes it was that long.

That was when she was abandoned

She was a bother then

Now she came back into her life

It’s not going to be easy for me

It’s going to cause strife

There’s now someone

Vying for her affections

So demure, so loving so warm

How she had missed her , her favourite

Longingly looking at her

With dreamy eyes so sincere

If we hadn’t turn into that corner

We may not have met her

Now there she is

It had been a long time

She couldn’t resist

It ‘s not going to happen again, not ever

She can’t pass this over

I gave in

She went nearer , looked in her eyes

She swore this was it

The moment of reckoning

The one she had missed

Beautiful , tender and warm

We paid for it,

we brought home

A Siamese cat

for a pet


Stafford Ray said...

I will not admit where that took me (I take the first amendment). Such a sneaky clever little poem-story. ha ha!

kaykuala said...

Thanks Stafford. You've exercised your privilege, no quarrel with that. A bit off the garden path in the beginning, yes, I admit. Cheers!

flaubert said...

I love siamese cats. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Amanda Moore said...

What a crescendo then bam! I was intently involved and then laughed out loud when I saw.... the purchase of the cat! very talented writing!

Shane Genziuk said...

Wow I was not expecting that ending. Both happy and a surprise. Cheers.

Mary said...

I agree with Stafford. Your poem was so very clever. Your ending packed a punch, which was wonderful as I think poetry is all about SURPRISE.

kaykuala said...

Pam, Siamese or persian, they are special!

kaykuala said...

Amanda, thanks. I have as yet to try out your loop and now the acrostic.


kaykuala said...

Thanks for the visit, Mary.

Al-Manar said...

It is all over a cat. I was expecting two ladies clawing each other over you!

vivinfrance said...

I like the free-flowing conversational tone of this. I, too, am a cat person.

totomai said...

a dialogue-ish kind of poem. very clever and really nice surprise at end. meow!

anthonynorth said...

Very nicely done. Loved the ending.

kaykuala said...

Dear Pakcik,
It's exhilarating. Poems are not just about love which was what I thought. I like those of the lighthearted and whimsical stance where we laugh together at its ending.

kaykuala said...

Dear Vivinfrance Ma'am, totomai and Anthony. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers.

Rashmi said...

I was also not expecting this ending.Nice little surprise,in the form of siamese cat.Ha..ha ..ha.

kaykuala said...

Yes Ma'am, a little cheeky though. Thanks for the visit.

ninotaziz said...

Nice twist at the end. Good for the cat. If you never read another poem of mine, you must first check out my Quandary. It is about my true feelings as a writer.

Anonymous said...

the cat is cute.

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